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Private Viewing of London Art Fair 2023

Private Viewing of London Art Fair 2023

Yesterday, the Resident had the privilege of attending a private viewing of the London Art Fair. The London Art Fair’s private viewing held a tremendous atmosphere. Situated in the business design center, you could feel the energy as you walked up the hill. All welcomed us as we walked to the press line to sign in. The press kindly welcomed us with coffee, croissants, and snacks. This was a lovely touch, along with the couches, chairs, and furniture designed by Author.

As part of our welcome, the director gave a speech that made you feel the importance and history of the London Art Fair. She emphasized the event’s growth, which started at 36 galleries and has expanded to 188 different galleries. She also explained how the London Art Fair tries to bring in the best art from all over Europe and throughout the world.

As my associate and I walked around the event, we popped by each gallery, marveling at the art and, most importantly, talking to the knowledgeable people stationed at each gallery. Here, we learned about the broad and creative ways the artists produced their work, stories, and motivations.

ART examples

Linda Colleta

For example, we stopped by Linda Coletta’s work, and she passionately described her creation and process. She explained that one of her motivations was to have people look closely at her work and observe the details. To make this come to fruition, Linda would look into a microscope to see what the image looks like up close and then try to create art that would allow that view to happen from farther away. Linda has been immensely successful with this as she told me a story of a time she unknowingly saw her artwork at Justin Bieber’s house from his Instagram story! She has also had other major celebrities enjoy her work.

The London Art Fair drew beautiful art forms from around the world. Each artist and gallery had a unique reason for showcasing the art. It was a privilege to marvel at their creations and listen to the “why” stories about their artwork.

Overall, the London Art Fair was a wonderful time and a chance to celebrate the best artists’ work. Thank you to my associate, Abdel Bictogo, for viewing the work with me, the artists and everyone involved for such a great event.


Rachel Louise Brown Untitled, Salty Clown, 2023
Jerome Lagarrigue “Him”
Sheila Rennick Littel Lamb, 2022









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