Laauw is the First Leather Goods Brand That Chooses Radical Transparency

Laauw is the First Leather Goods Brand That Chooses Radical Transparency

Dutch leather goods brand Laauw changes perception in a fast-fashion world

"Laauw is the first leather goods brand that chooses radical transparency. "

Laauw is the first Dutch leather goods brand that chooses radical transparency. The brand was created in honor of her origin Waalwijk (South of The Netherlands), the heart of the leather industry, where they have their own factory with a complete in-house production process. With its vision, the brand not only wants to change the perception of leather craftsmanship, but of the entire "fast fashion" world. Laauw stands for a sustainable "slow-fashion" world and therefore offers its customers a lifetime warranty on all products. This step towards a unique business model has not gone unnoticed. A Dutch-American entrepreneur from Miami has stepped in to market the brand in the US.  Last year, founder Rob van Ravenstein chose for a break from the brand. "The Covid-19 period has had a huge impact on many entrepreneurs. Laauw's business model was also affected, which meant that we lost sight of our core values. We deliberately took the time to reposition the brand, and with success. Sometimes you have to dare to stop in order to start again". Laauw stands for local craftsmanship, sustainability, and quality. They work with their own factory in The Netherlands and only choose the highest quality and vegetable-tanned leather, which allows them to offer customers a lifelong guarantee. They consciously choose a sustainable "slow-fashion" world.

 The entry of a Dutch-American entrepreneur

The repositioning of the brand has not gone unnoticed on our side of the Atlantic Ocean. The Dutch-American hospitality entrepreneur Rens Leijtens, who is also a former business associate of Rob, is together with his (business)partner convinced that the brand's vision is catching on in the US. "By choosing for a 100% transparent supply chain and sustainable production, Laauw is way ahead of the competition, even for the market here in America. It is only a matter of time before this is picked up by the bigger brands". Last Saturday, January 14, the first new Laauw collection was launched via their own website and the American platform Kickstarter. "The goal is to raise a minimum budget between $125,000 and $150,000 to run the first production for Laauw US." According to Leijtens and Van Ravenstein, the main goal is to set up a local and sustainable production chain for Laauw in America as well.

Laauw | The Story behind

The Dutch leather goods brand Laauw was developed in honor of its origins Waalwijk (South of The Netherlands), the heart of the leather industry. With its vision, the brand wants to change the perception of leather craftsmanship. In collaboration with local craftsmen and innovative leather laboratories, Laauw brings the values behind traditional leather craftsmanship into the 21st century. This is also where the slogan "Home of leather goods" comes from, the place where the origin lies. They stay away from the busy-running fashion capitals and go back to basics in search of timeless craft. Laauw was founded in 2016 by Rob van Ravenstein. Originated from a deep-rooted passion for creating, for making beautiful, high-quality, and honest products. This in combination with the love for the local and ancient tradition, the leather craftsmanship. A love that runs in the family, as a result of which Rob developed his passion at a young age through his grandfather who was a craftsman in this industry. Where the grandfathers belong to the founders of local leather craftsmanship, grandsons Rob and Rens are the pioneers who keep the family's passion alive and take the values of this tradition with them wherever their journey takes them. A step to America, where Rens has been established for years now and where the brand follows him.


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