Design Tricks That’ll Make Your Office A Nicer Place To Be

Design Tricks That’ll Make Your Office A Nicer Place To Be

Do you like spending time in the office? Maybe you prefer working from home, where the set up is nicer and all your own things are around you? And has it reached a point where you simply don't want to come in at all, even as the business owner? Then it's clear something needs to change in the office! From the bathrooms to the meeting room, you do your best work when you actually want to be there. So let's make that easy; here are some design tricks that'll help you settle into your office like a second home. 

Customize Your Cubicles

This is the best thing to do when you're uncomfortable with your working set up. The way you design such a personal and private space, even when in a public and professional setting, is going to have a big impact on the way you work. 

So why not relax the rules around office design and let both you and your employees bring in items like photos, little potted plants, and general mini desk decor? You can also allow chair customization, to ensure you're minding the health of your lumbar when you're seated at a computer for about 8 hours a day. 

Raise the Floor

Yes, you can raise the floor. And in doing so, you'll get access to a lot more room within your office, if you're looking for extra, tidy storage. Check out the ultimate guide to raised access flooring systems maintenance and care before you think about getting such storage installed, but once you do, you could put away all those cables for good. 

If you've got a lot of equipment you need to use, this is where you can make their placements much less of an eye sore. You can then put in a lot of other decorations, such as plants, wall hangings, and decorative statuettes without having to shove as much cable behind them as possible! 

Create a Quiet Working Space

And the final good thing for ensuring office peace and harmony. If a dedicated quiet working space exists, people will find it much easier to focus and accomplish tasks.

You can have a social space in the main office area, and then if you've got a spare room off to the side somewhere, you can allow employees to use it when they really need some balanced head room. 

Maybe they have a project they need to crunch on, or maybe they've got a delicate email to try and write – a bit of general private space that anyone can use will really help out. If noise levels and overstimulation tends to be an issue for you, this is where you can dial it back. 

If you want your office to be a nicer workspace, change things around according to your most pressing needs. Sometimes this simply means investing in a new chair to sit on, and sometimes it's about a total structural rehaul!

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