Jean Shafiroff Celebrates Art Basel Miami 2023 with “The Art of Style” at Hotel Croydon

Jean Shafiroff

Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff hosted the Celebrating the Art of Style reception at the Hotel Croydon in Miami Beach, FL to celebrate Art Basel Miami 2023. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres were served as guests, celebrities, and art enthusiasts converged on the South Beach hot spot in celebration of one of the biggest art events of the year. Leading galleries from five continents exhibited significant works by masters of modern and contemporary art, as well as a new generation of emerging stars, at this year's Art Basel show.

Jean Shafiroff

Notable attendees at the reception held at the Hotel Croydon included: Jean Shafiroff, Diane Lieberman, Alan Lieberman, Casey Lieberman, Katya Tolstova, Li Jing, Meera Ghandi, Sofie Mahlkvist, Miguel Serrano, Pamela O’Connor, Sissi Fleitas, Gaynor van Vuuren, Nicole Noonan, Steven Knobel.

Jean Shafiroff, Miguel Serrano
Jean Shafiroff, Miguel Serrano[MICHELLE KAMMERMAN]/
Li Jing, Jean Shafiroff
Li Jing, Jean Shafiroff[MICHELLE KAMMERMAN]/
Nicole Noonan, Steven Knobel, Isabelle Verbeeck, Florent Zuber
Nicole Noonan, Steven Knobel, Isabelle Verbeeck, Florent Zuber[MICHELLE KAMMERMAN]/
Diane Lieberman, Alan Lieberman, Casey Lieberman
Diane Lieberman, Alan Lieberman, Casey Lieberman[MICHELLE KAMMERMAN]/
Jean Shafiroff, Diane Lieberman
Jean Shafiroff, Diane Lieberman[MICHELLE KAMMERMAN]/
Sofie Mahlkvist
Carl Francis
Gerald Geary, Gaynor van Vuuren
Gerald Geary, Gaynor van Vuuren[MICHELLE KAMMERMAN]/
Jean Shafiroff, Lee Fryd
Jean Shafiroff, Lee Fryd[MICHELLE KAMMERMAN]/
Rashmee Sharma, Jean Shafiroff, Gita Shetty
Rashmee Sharma, Jean Shafiroff, Gita Shetty[MICHELLE KAMMERMAN]/
Katya Tolstova
Jean Shafiroff, Pamela O'Connor
Jean Shafiroff, Pamela O'Connor[MICHELLE KAMMERMAN]/

About Jean Shafiroff:

Jean Shafiroff is a philanthropist, humanitarian, TV host, writer, and the author of the book "Successful Philanthropy: How to Make a Life By What You Give". Jean works extensively as a volunteer fundraiser and leader in the philanthropic world. She serves on the boards of seven charitable organizations and each year chairs upwards of eight to 9 different charity galas. Among the many causes she champions are those involved in women’s rights, rights of the underserved, health care, and animal welfare.

Jean serves on the boards of the Southampton Hospital Association, Mission Society of NYC, French Heritage Society, Couture Council of the Museum at FIT, Global Strays, New York Women's Foundation, Casita Maria, and Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation Honorary Board. A Catholic, she served on the board of the Jewish Board for 28 years and now is one of their honorary trustees. Jean Shafiroff has been honored numerous times by a variety of charitable organizations for her work. Jean Shafiroff is among the leading ladies of the philanthropy world, both nationally and internationally. Jean Shafiroff is an influencer with numerous Instagram followers.

Jean Shafiroff

About Hotel Croydon:

The whimsical Hotel Croydon is located in Miami’s mid-beach off Collins Avenue. Comfortable accommodations include seamless service, Tempurpedic beds, C.O. Bigelow bath products, in-house restaurant (The Tavern), complimentary cocktails nightly from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, a pool, yoga classes, and a rooftop deck with panoramic views of the ocean and city. Hang out and dine at the Tavern which offers both a wide selection of all-day dining options as well as indoor or outdoor seating to meet your mood.

Jean Shafiroff
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