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Feria Clandestina and MiMo’s 7 Seas Motel Host Art Week Miami 2023 Collaboration

Feria Clandestina and MiMo’s 7 Seas Motel Host Art Week Miami 2023 Collaboration
Milagros Collective

Feria Clandestina is thrilled to announce its program for the 2023 edition. Feria Clandestina and MiMo’s 7 Seas Motel are collaborating for the third consecutive year, inviting national and international artists, galleries, and independent projects to take over the rooms of this historic location from Thursday, December 7th to Saturday, December 9th, 2023 at 5940 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami FL 33137.

Special Projects include an immersive installation featuring "Crud Buddies" harvested from Biscayne Bay and mural (unveiling) by MILAGROS Collective; and the trash-clean-up community oriented “Geographies of Trash” by Ahol Sniffs Glue and curated by Zack Spechler.

Milagros Collective

Exhibitor Club Gallery, founded by Amanda Baker, will take over Room 114; this young gallerist runs her project from The Citadel and focuses on building a platform for Miami artists. From Mexico City, Plomo Gallery (Room 109) presents a proposal by artists Manuela García, Margot Kalach, and Emiliano Aivar; and the Black Piglet Gallery (Room 103) brings to Miami a curated show presenting seven Mexican artists. Hialeah-based twin sisters Sam & Sarah Ferrer bring their whimsical ceramics and paintings to Room 201, while Nicen Easy will bring fun’n sunshine into Room 210.

Feria Clandestina will host a daily not-to-be-missed program. On opening night, Miami duo MyFi Studio will present a live analog glitch and electronic music audiovisual performance with an interactive invitation for visitors to “glitch portrait” themselves. The fair is also thrilled to host the celebration of 15 years of Pocket of Lollipops; Friday night will be led by music with the performance of BORRI, Pocket Of Lollipops, and Big Child playing inside the pool while visitors throw offerings of flowers to the musicians as part of the whimsical motel’s pool intervention “Below the Surface” by Maitejosune Urrechaga.

Milagros Collective

Visit the fair and meet all the exhibitors!

Feria Clandestina and the 7 Seas Motel collaborate for the third consecutive year, inviting national and international galleries and artists to participate in the 2023 fair edition, December 7th – December 9th, 2023.

Curator Nuria Richards and Real Estate developer Sagar Desai have partnered for the past three years to provide discounted room rates and exhibition space for over 250 projects from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, the United States, and the United Kingdom during a season that has become cost-prohibitive for both locals and visitors, challenging the rich cultural exchange tradition of the city.

Clandestina was founded by Nuria Richards in 2019 as a collateral art initiative and is a channel of participation for artists, galleries, and independent projects. Clandestina partners with the local and international community to create ecosystems that promote curatorial opportunities and cultural exchange.

The iconic 7 Seas Hotel is one of the oldest motels within historic Biscayne Boulevard in the Miami Modern neighborhood, also known as MiMo. The two-story building was set for Donnie Brasco, Dexter, and No Pain No Gain. The Property is undergoing renovation under the stewardship of Sagar Desai and Activate Hospitality.

Feria Clandestina and MiMo’s 7 Seas Motel Host Art Week Miami 2023 Collaboration
RIFLESSI at Art Week Miami Basel: The Convergence of Art, Technology, and Tradition

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