Cj Hendry's Dazzling Dive: "Public Pool" Art Installation Emerges in the Las Vegas Desert

Exploring Kitschy Glamour Amidst the Sands: A Spectacle of Artistry and Contrasts
The Pool is out in the Desert!
The Pool is out in the Desert!Photo courtesy of Cj Hendry

The well-known artist Cj Hendry created a buzz in the desert from April 5th to 7th by presenting her latest exhibition named Public Pool. This interactive showcase celebrates and reinterprets the alluring allure of Las Vegas hotel pool parties, incorporating Cj's unique artistic style and lighthearted sense of humor.

Public Pool
Public PoolPhoto courtesy of Cj Hendry

The main attraction of Public Pool is a gigantic 50-meter-long blow-up pool that stands 3 feet tall. Cj's artistic vision turns this seemingly regular pool into a lively and invigorating symbol of Las Vegas' vibrant and extravagant nature. The pool is decorated with bright pink flamingos, neon inflatables, and colorful floral patterns, forming a delightful and fun oasis in the middle of the desert scenery. Visitors are encouraged to fully engage in the exhibition's extravagant and fantastical ambiance.

Public Pool Chairs
Public Pool ChairsPhoto courtesy of Cj Hendry

Cj shared her enthusiasm for the Public Pool exhibition and talked about her love for the vibrant atmosphere of Las Vegas and the contrasting scenery of the desert. She conveyed her hopeful outlook that the exhibition would bring joy, unity, and a sense of wonder to everyone who encounters it.

Public Pool
Public PoolPhoto courtesy of Cj Hendry

After being a long-time admirer of CJ's work, I had the privilege of witnessing her vision come to life firsthand. Despite facing significant challenges, she achieved something truly extraordinary. Despite the difficulties posed by the desert, CJ and her team successfully transformed Sandy Valley Ranch into a stunning oasis. The highly anticipated opening dinner on April 3rd was an exclusive event, with CJ's table adorned with vibrant pool floats, surrounded by collectors, enthusiasts, and journalists eager to witness CJ's brilliance. Despite the weather also presenting challenges, her fans were undeterred and traveled from different states, and even from abroad, to show their support for CJ. I must say, her event was a tremendous success, highlighted by the impressive release of her limited edition pieces. Fortunately, I managed to purchase one, even though they sold out in less than 10 minutes. Paraphrased: CJ's efforts are truly inspiring as she dedicates herself to sustainability projects like reusing pool water and transforming recycled materials into chairs. Witnessing CJ's work firsthand was a remarkable experience, especially since I have always held her in high regard from afar.

The Pool is out in the Desert!
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