Chef Mitchell Hesse - Executive Chef of Queen Miami Beach

A Culinary Visionary Elevating Miami's Dining Scene at Queen Miami Beach
Main Dining Room - Queen Miami Beach
Main Dining Room - Queen Miami Beach Craig Denis Creative
Executive Chef Mitchell Hesse
Executive Chef Mitchell HesseBrinson Renda

Australian Chef Mitchell Hesse is adept, adaptable, and passionate about the customer experience. He began his culinary career in his hometown of Perth, Australia, helping his grandmother bake from a very young age. As a teenager, he apprenticed in professional kitchens, gaining invaluable on-the-job training and a formal degree. In his mid-20s, Hesse moved to London, England for a career-making job at Zuma, where he worked for two years before moving to the Miami and New York locations, eventually becoming senior sous chef for the group in Miami.

An interest in Asian cooking led Hesse to another lauded export from London, Novikov. He worked as the restaurant’s head chef from 2018 through 2020, at which time he landed as chef cuisine at the newly opened Cote Miami, the Michelin-starred Korean steakhouse from New York City. 

Wagyu Beef Tartare Toast - Queen Miami Beach
Wagyu Beef Tartare Toast - Queen Miami Beach Sebastian Bednarski

Immediately following the pandemic, Hesse made his ultimate move and joined famed ​​Miami-based hospitality group, Mr. Hospitality. Helmed by industry pioneer, Mathieu Massa, Mr. Hospitality conceptualizes, owns, and operates acclaimed restaurants and five-star nightlife destinations in Miami, including prized venues –Queen Miami Beach, Marion, and El Tucán. 

Chef Mitchell Hesse currently holds the role of Executive Chef at Queen Miami Beach. This 300-seat Japanese steakhouse, complete with a private omakase den, showcases the culmination of Hesse's decade-long journey perfecting flavor-forward, Asian-inspired dishes. Hesse's commitment extends beyond just crafting tasty meals; he places a strong emphasis on presenting food that is both delicious and visually appealing. Guided by a culinary philosophy rooted in inclusivity, Hesse ensures that every diner, regardless of dietary restrictions, tastes, or preferences, discovers something delightful on the menu. For Hesse, being a chef is about creating a welcoming space where as many people as possible can enjoy a satisfying culinary experience.

Lobby Salon - Queen Miami Beach
Lobby Salon - Queen Miami BeachCraig Denis Creative

Resident Magazine: Can you share a bit about your culinary background and how you developed your skills to become the executive chef at Queen?

Chef Mitchell Hesse: I’ve been in the culinary industry since I was 16, starting in Australia. At age 26, I moved to London, where I started working for the Zuma group. I spent the next 6 years traveling between Zuma, London, Miami and NYC. From there, I helmed the kitchen of many Miami high-end restaurants, including Esitiatorio Milos, Novikov and Cote Miami, before being offered the Exec Chef role at Queen. I believe my global experience and working at many of these high-end volume restaurants really gave me the foundations to create a culinary program and lead a team of over 35 staff here at Queen.

RM: How would you describe the cuisine and culinary focus of the menu you’ve created at Queen?

CMH: Queen’s culinary focus is a modern Japanese grill. We looked at the classic American Steakhouse and reinterpreted the menu through a Japanese lens. All of our dishes take into mind the modern diet and we really wanted to make our female clientele feel that they could enjoy everything. The menu is designed to be shared family style with guests working their way through small plate’s, sushi, land,  sea and with the star of the show in our Butchers Reserve where the guests can choose from USDA Prime, our personal Dry Aged cuts or for something more special Japanese Wagyu or Kobe. To finish was a very cosmopolitan dessert selection that shouldn’t be missed.

Butcher Reserve - Queen Miami Beach
Butcher Reserve - Queen Miami Beach Sebastian Bednarski

RM: How do you prioritize the guest experience at Queen, and what steps do you take to ensure customer satisfaction? 

CMH: To ensure all guests at Queen have an amazing experience, everyday our team sits down before opening to go over the guests for the night. We take notes on each guest and make sure to pay extra attention to the details of those tables whether it’s making sure the staff celebrates their event with them or curating a particular dish to avoid the allergy so they can dine in peace of mind and enjoy the festivities with the rest of their party.

RM: Can you share an example of a dish or menu creation at Queen that you felt particularly passionate about, and what inspired it?

CMH: I feel very passionate about the whole menu here at Queen, It's impossible to pick one dish. If I had to pick, the Duck L’Orange with orange miso and pickled apples, Avocado Tarte fine with truffle Aioli, Jalapeno and Lime caviar, and Lamb chops with Chipotle miso, whipped tofu and pickled cucumber are three of my favorite dishes. These were the first 3 dishes I created for the menu at Queen. They all have a little influence of my previous experiences from around the globe and have been here since the beginning. I truly believe Queen’s butcher reserve is the best in the city as we taste our steak program every day. The Robata grilled Omi Japanese Wagyu Filet is something truly unique encompassing an exquisite flavor profile and extreme tenderness.


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