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Carola Pimentel
Carola PimentelTiffany Sage

In the competitive realm of interior design, where every detail counts and every element speaks volumes, Carola Pimentel stands out as a visionary who masters the delicate balance between luxurious aesthetics and functional living. As the creative director of Assure Interiors, Pimentel has cultivated a unique design philosophy that transcends mere visual appeal to embrace the realities of her clients' lifestyles.

During an intimate conversation, Pimentel shared insights into her journey and the ethos that drives her approach to design—a blend of client-centric innovation and personal creative expression. With a career spanning significant shifts in design trends and client expectations, she has maintained a focus on creating spaces that are as practical as they are stunning.

A Personal Touch in Professional Spaces

Born into a family with a passion for arts and design, Pimentel's early exposure to creative expression profoundly shaped her aesthetic sensibilities. However, it is her ability to listen and adapt to her clients' needs that truly sets her work apart. "Each project is a new canvas, but it’s not just mine; it’s a canvas I share with my clients," Pimentel explained. This collaborative approach ensures that her designs are deeply personalized, reflecting the individual character and lifestyle of each client.

Her design process begins with understanding the person behind the project. Whether redesigning a family home or conceptualizing a new commercial space, Pimentel delves into her clients' daily lives to draw out elements that resonate on a personal level. This thorough understanding informs every decision, from spatial layouts to material selections, ensuring that each design not only looks spectacular but also lives beautifully.

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Merging Function with Elegance

Pimentel's signature style is marked by an elegant blend of modern lines and timeless materials, creating spaces that are both forward-thinking and deeply rooted in design tradition. "Functionality doesn’t have to sacrifice beauty," she asserts. This philosophy is evident in projects like the Coconut Grove Villa, where her team transformed a traditional coral stone house into a vibrant, family-friendly environment without losing sight of its aesthetic heritage.

The designer places a strong emphasis on selecting materials that are not only visually appealing but also durable and appropriate for the space's function. For example, in family homes, she prefers materials that withstand the wear and tear of daily life while exuding an air of sophistication. Her thoughtful material choices ensure that her designs are practical, sustainable, and beautifully age with time.

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Embracing Artistic Expression

Art plays a central role in Pimentel's designs, serving as both inspiration and integration. She believes that art personalizes a space like nothing else, reflecting the tastes and passions of its occupants. In her projects, artwork is not merely decorative but a pivotal element that informs the design narrative of the space.

For Pimentel, working with local artists is particularly rewarding. It allows her to incorporate unique pieces that carry stories and significance, adding layers of depth and intrigue to her interiors. This commitment to artistic integration helps create spaces that are not only visually cohesive but also culturally rich and personally meaningful.

Looking Ahead

Looking to the future, Pimentel remains excited about the evolving landscape of interior design. With new technologies and materials at her disposal, she is eager to explore innovative ways to enhance her designs while staying true to her philosophy of livable luxury. She is particularly interested in sustainable practices, aiming to integrate more eco-friendly materials and processes into her projects.

Tiffany Sage

As she continues to shape spaces that inspire and function, Carola Pimentel's influence on the design world remains profound. Her ability to weave personal stories into professional spaces not only elevates her projects but also defines her as a designer whose work truly resonates with those who inhabit it.

Carola Pimentel
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