Refurbishing Your Home? Here's How to Create a More Luxurious Space Using Timeless Furniture Pieces

Transform Your Home into a Luxurious Haven with Classic Furniture
Refurbishing Your Home? Here's How to Create a More Luxurious Space Using Timeless Furniture Pieces

Today, a luxurious home doesn't have to look and be expensive. If there's one trend that's currently dominating the interior design scene, it's quiet luxury. The BBC notes that this style "whispers rather than screams" opulence—using a mix of minimalist designs and high-quality furniture in timeless styles. This combination outlasts trend cycles, so design professionals catering to the super-affluent consider it a mainstay. Saskia Kate Interiors founder Rebecca Edmund adds that quiet luxury is about creating a place of comfort and tranquility. With simple designs, you can build a refuge where you can relax after spending time in today's hectic, fast-paced world.

The best part is that you don't need to be ultra-rich to afford a quiet luxury interior. If your home maintains a clean, classy look without appearing too ostentatious, you can achieve this "stealth wealth" aesthetic whether you're on a budget or willing to splurge. So, if you're looking to refurbish your home's interiors anytime soon, you can make it more luxurious by adding a few timeless furniture pieces. Here's how you can do it.

Opt for timeless furniture styles


To achieve a quiet luxury aesthetic, understated yet classic furniture is the way to go. Timeless pieces like modular sofas, tulip dining tables, and even the simple dressers you'll find at IKEA can contribute to the clean look you're looking for. More importantly, they'll stand the test of time—and your home will take on a high-end appearance that won't look outdated anytime soon.

Select quality materials


Quality materials will ensure your furniture lasts for longer—as will the new look of your home. More importantly, it's one of the key ways you'll be able to subtly exude luxury through the simple yet timeless pieces you choose. Extensive online furniture catalogs show how many materials you can shop for that will provide comfort, elegance, and durability. Using the right filters, you can find luxury dining room sets with bench seats on Living Spaces that have the finest craftsmanship to decorate your home. Use filters to see what materials these retailers offer, such as wood, fabric, concrete, and metal; maybe you'll stumble on the gorgeous Kendall set made with high-quality acacia wood. With this tip, you can look for striking pieces that give you a stand-out living space without appearing too extravagant.

Choose subtle colors


As outlined in our post on Trending Interior Design Colors and Textures, you can easily transform your space with sophisticated palettes and natural elements. Quiet luxury is all about soft, muted colors. Though you can add a pop of color here and there, choosing an overarching trending color palette can quickly outdate your refurbished home. Opt for more subtle, neutral shades like cream, beige, and light gray for a timeless, luxurious look. The result is a room that feels and looks elegant, and with a few simple tweaks, you will be able to easily change the ambiance of the room as you add more furniture.

Set a focal point for every room


Sure, "stealth wealth" is about hiding luxury in plain sight. However, that doesn't mean you have to have a boring-looking home. Regardless of the style a living space is designed in, each room still needs to have a focal point—an anchor—that ties all of the pieces in the area together. Though this centerpiece doesn't have to be incredibly opulent, it can look unique. Gallery Fumi's furniture exhibit, which featured distinctive sculptural furniture, shows how sleek pieces like tables and chairs can draw one's interest in a room despite their simple construction. Matching furniture throughout your home can add more sophistication to your quiet luxury aesthetic. 

If you're refurbishing your home to look more luxurious, interior design's quiet luxury trend shows that you can pull it off by simply placing a few timeless pieces. Remember these tips to choose the best furniture possible for your living space. 

Refurbishing Your Home? Here's How to Create a More Luxurious Space Using Timeless Furniture Pieces
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