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Caviar and Conversation: Brickell's Exclusive Corporate Networking Event

A Toast to Success: An Evening Where Business Meets Pleasure at Brickell City Center's AVANT Gallery.

Last Thursday, Brickell City Center transformed into a magnetic hub of corporate synergy and sophistication during the "Speakers + Caviar & Champagne Networking Event" hosted by Up Digital Agency at the prestigious AVANT Gallery at the Brickell City Centre.

AVANT Gallery
AVANT GalleryHello Up Digital

The evening promised—and unequivocally delivered—a blend of high-level networking with the added allure of luxury, embodied by the complimentary champagne and the exquisite black caviar provided by Bester Caviar and Black Caviar Brand by Inna Polutska.

Black Caviar Brand / Inna Polutska and guest
Black Caviar Brand / Inna Polutska and guestHello Up Digital

A Gathering of Minds and Palates

From the outset, the event distinguished itself with an ambiance that captured the glitz and glamour of Miami's Brickell neighborhood, while also reflecting the profound influence and professional stature of its distinguished attendees.

Maria Gorn, Farida van Riesen, and Citibank corporate guests.
Maria Gorn, Farida van Riesen, and Citibank corporate guests.Hello Up Digital

Leaders from esteemed corporations such as J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Google mingled among innovative thinkers from Amazon and Cisco, creating a melting pot of ideas amidst a collection of exquisite art pieces glowing with gallery lights.

Atmosphere Hello Up Digital

The air was charged with a sense of potential, as each conversation was a bridge for new opportunities that could lead to future business ventures.

Aaron van Riesen, Simon Behnejad, Adam Ramirez, Grahm Taylor
Aaron van Riesen, Simon Behnejad, Adam Ramirez, Grahm TaylorHello Up Digital
Maria Gorn and guests
Maria Gorn and guestsHello Up Digital
Farida van Riesen, Maria Gorn, and Amazon corporate guests.
Farida van Riesen, Maria Gorn, and Amazon corporate guests.Hello Up Digital
Google corporate guests.
Google corporate guests.Hello Up Digital
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The Technical Intricacies of Commerce and Advertising 

Maria Gorn, the pioneering Founder of Up Digital and Director of E-Commerce at Miraflora, took the stage with an elegance matched only by her expertise. Maria, who has successfully spearheaded over 500 digital marketing projects, shared valuable insights on integrating SEO and paid ads to maximize business potential.

Her talk not only illuminated the technical intricacies of digital strategies but also inspired with her commitment to mentorship and support for women in business.

Maria Gorn, Farida van Riesen
Maria Gorn, Farida van RiesenHello Up Digital

Strategies for Tomorrow, Shared Today

Following Maria, Farida van Riesen, the seasoned Director of Business Development and Sales, shared her global experiences in creating high-converting marketing funnels. Farida, who possesses a rich background in working with international brands such as Villeroy & Boch and BIC, discussed the nuances of developing effective public relations campaigns and the importance of strategic social media marketing.

Farida van Riesen, Maria Gorn
Farida van Riesen, Maria GornHello Up Digital

The discussions provided a dual focus on both the art of digital marketing and the science of sales, encouraging attendees to consider how these elements could be harmoniously integrated into their business strategies. This blend of detailed technical advice and broad strategic thinking ensured that every attendee left with both practical tools and broader business insights, including myself.

Mariana Weber, Maria Gorn, Farida van Riesen
Mariana Weber, Maria Gorn, Farida van RiesenHello Up Digital

An Artistic Interlude

As the evening progressed, the venue itself—AVANT Gallery—added a layer of cultural enrichment to the networking experience. Attendees were invited to explore the gallery's exhibits, which featured internationally acclaimed artists.

GuestsHello Up Digital
GuestsHello Up Digital

This interlude not only offered a visually stimulating break but also provided a reminder of the beautiful synergy between all the elements of this high-energy event.

GuestsHello Up Digital

A World of Possibilities

The event concluded on a moving high note with a DJ set that perfectly captured the mood of the evening: upbeat, forward-thinking, and decidedly sophisticated.

Event DJ
Event DJHello Up Digital

As guests exchanged business cards and promises of future collaborations, the air buzzed with the potential of new partnerships and the certainty of upcoming successes.

GuestsHello Up Digital

This "Speakers + Caviar & Champagne Networking Event" was more than just an evening of connection; it was a showcase of the possibilities that arise when luxury meets leadership. It's clear to see that Brickell is setting the standard of what to expect: a world where business meets pleasure, yielding opportunities as rich and refined as the caviar served.

Until next time!

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