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Men's Must-Haves For A Winter Wedding

Men's Must-Haves For A Winter Wedding

There’s no denying that it’s the ladies who have the biggest challenge when dressing for a winter wedding, aiming for comfort and warmth while also trying to look their best. But that doesn’t mean that men can wear the same old suits with no changes. Here, we’re going to look at a few things to equip yourself with so that you don’t end up with your teeth chattering during the vows.

Choose fabrics that are winter-friendly

You want to pay a good deal more attention to what the suit you’re choosing is actually made of to ensure that it’s able to keep you comfortable. Corduroy and wool are two options that offer a lot more insulation, but don’t ruin the formal appeal of a suit. If it’s a more casual affair or you’re changing before the evening festivities, you might want to consider a roll-neck jumper. Ensure it's fitted so that it doesn’t look on the slovenly side.

The right shoes

A pair of leather Oxfords might be your go-to, but when the day is particularly cold, not only do they typically not offer great insulation, but that leather can feel extra stiff and bite into your ankles. A good pair of winter socks might help, but even better is getting a pair of Alden boots. They offer the same kind of formal sophistication, but bring a lot more in the departments of support and cushioning. There are different types of Alden boots, too, from cap toes to plain toes to wing tips, so there’s a lot of variety to help suit your outfit.

Pick a wintery palette

Winter is a season of dark colors, as well as silvers and the occasional golds. It’s like the wedding planners will opt for a traditional winter wedding theme, so you can choose a palette that complements those shades, as well. Warm colors typically don’t look as good in a winter wedding, you might want to instead of opt for cooler shades, whether they’re slate greys and rich blue accessories such as your tie. Just make sure that you don’t let your outfit get a little too dark, as you don’t want it to look depressing against that winter lighting.

Whatever you do, follow the dress code

Regardless of what you might want to wear, you don’t want to kick up a fuss at anyone else’s wedding. See how you can adapt the outfit that you’re expected to wear, staying within the dress code. If you don’t know what is expected from each dress code, then you should take the time to research that now. No matter how casual or formal, you’re able to choose fabrics and fits that allow for a little more comfort and warmth while making sure that you still look the part as everyone else.

Of course, you should adapt the tips above to the other factors that play into the wedding. If you’re attending a winter city wedding, you’re going to prioritize different things than if you’re at a winter country wedding.

Men's Must-Haves For A Winter Wedding
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