Mana Fashion Services Celebrates Earth Day

Free and Open to the Public: Innovative Workshops and Fashion Swaps Highlight Mana's Earth Day
Mana Fashion Services Celebrates Earth Day
Mana Fashion Services

Acknowledging Miami-based brands paving the way for a more fashionable, sustainable and innovative future - Mana Fashion Services brings together 3-days of Earth Day programming April 24-26th, that’s free and open to the public!

MIAMI - Mana Fashion Services’ primary focus is to build a fashion ecosystem that champions sustainability, ingenuity and entrepreneurship. This Earth Day 2024, Mana has organized free, open-to-public programming from Wednesday, April 24th - through Friday, April  26th from 4-7PM, daily. Combining eco-friendly fashion initiatives, upcycling activations, augmented reality and sustainable solution workshops and a fashion swap that all channel the general idea of sustainability solutions and drawbacks. On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, guests will have the opportunity to join workshops that revolve around upcycling jeans and shoes while Friday afternoon, in partnership with Global Fashion Exchange and Taryn Hipwell, Founder of Beyond the Label, Co-Community Organizer for REMAKE for Florida, the community is invited to a fashion swap - where attendees can swap/exchange clothing, taking one piece for every piece donated - of great condition, clean items from their closets!

Anyone interested in attending can learn more and RSVP here to attend.

Tato Gomez

Discussion on Augmented Reality

Mana Fashion Services will present a 3-day immersive event where guests can experience AR in its realest form, interacting with Microsoft 360 Hololens to learn about sustainable solutions in the fashion industry, presented by Arcadia Earth. This discussion and workshop will bring together an enlightening Virtual Reality moment with eco-conscious trailblazer and fashion industry veteran, Valentino Vettori, who will discuss verbatim issues within the fashion industry and resolutions on how to solve them.

Hands On Upcycle Workshops

Guests will have the opportunity to dive into creativity, interact and inquire in a hands-on immersive fashion-design experience. From upcycling jeans and shoes to a fashion exchange event with donated clothing, read on to see all the workshops happening April 24-26 at Mana Fashion. In the spirit of sustainability, guests are encouraged to bring a pair of shoes to get embellished, painted or customized in a partnership with the Miami Shoe Museum. Additionally, Mana Fashion Services will have Miami-based Denim Upcycle Artist, Jesus Pineda, who will help turn guests' used jeans into something new on April 24th and 25th - from creating patchwork to turning long jeans into shorts - or maybe even making a denim tote bag! Last but not least, on Friday, April 26th from 6pm-7pm in partnership with Global Fashion Exchange together with Remake and Healthy Fashion Consulting hosted by Taryn Hipwell, Founder of Beyond the Label, Co-Community Organizer for REMAKE for Florida, Mana will be hosting a clothing swap for the entire community! Guests will be invited to mix, mingle and bring up to 5 pieces of clothing they no longer want, but are in great condition (think of something one may gift to a friend). Up to 5 tickets will be given to each guest, for each piece of clothing donated and tickets can be used to pull pieces from the Fashion Exchange!

Mana Fashion Services

Sustainable Fashion on Display

The Earth Day window display at Mana Fashion Services is designed by Venezuelan-American multidisciplinary artist and sustainable fashion designer, Lisu Vega. Vega’s work explores the emotions we associate with memories through the allegory of “weaving,” both literally through the physical materials and metaphorically as a process. Learn more about Lisu Vega in an interview with Mana Fashion Services here.

Throughout the immersive space, Candiani and Triarchy will come together to story tell through visuals. Candiani are leaders in denim and triumph sustainability in fashion by creating denim from fibers grown sustainably. Candiani are innovators in sustainability and pioneers in certifications. Learn more about Candiani by watching this video here.

Last but not least, discover how sustainable denim is made with the plastic free women’s collection presented by Triarchy.

Partners of Mana Fashion’s Earth Day programming include: Candiani, Climate Week Miami, The Flowers Point, Gradible, Hey Hei, Jeanology, Joy Wallace Catering, Triarchy, Truman Vodka, and Soarce USA

Year Round at Mana Fashion Services

Throughout the year, Mana Fashion Services honors the fashion community in Miami by acknowledging both the up-and-coming and, the leading figures in the fashion industry of South Florida. Through its commercial real estate spaces, Mana offers creative and designer studio spaces, educational workshops, fashion pop-ups, networking events and other opportunities for brands of all levels to have a space to engage with the community of media, designers, tastemakers, creators, manufactures, retailers and more.

Mana Fashion Services

Every other Thursday, Mana Fashion Services hosts Open House: Creative & Designer Suites - where the public can come, meet, interact and shop with the local-designers part of the MFS Community. Designers in the Mana Fashion Services community include several designers, creators, photographers, stylists, suppliers and patternmakers, including Judith Cabrera, Dope Tavio, Gustavo Cadile, Tag Concept, The Room Miami, MYS eyewear and more - to name just a few. Visit Mana Fashion Services: 15 W Flagler St Miami, FL 33130.

About Mana Common:

Mana Common is a platform for urban revitalization and community building led by Founder and Chairman Moishe Mana. Our divisions represent the most basic elements upon which a community is built: Property, Commerce, Culture, Fashion, Technology, Agriculture, and Social Impact.

About Mana Fashion Services: 

As a division of Mana Common, Mana Fashion Services aims to unite fashion professionals andserve as a communal hub of industry resources. The diverse community spans designers, manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, stylists, educators, patternmakers, and retailers. Embracing sustainability, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship, we strive to create an empowering ecosystem that fosters growth and collaboration, ultimately linking with fashion communities across the US, Latin America, and the globe. Since its launch in April 2022, Mana Fashion Services has been instrumental in the revitalization of Downtown Miami’s Flagler District. Its expansion encompasses showrooms, designer suites, a textile resource center, and versatile co-working, event, and retail spaces. Dedicated to supporting fashion businesses through various community-building events. From its “Miami Talks” seminar series featuring esteemed panelists during the Swim week to curated Pop-Up showcases highlighting ethical brands, it offers various opportunities for networking and education. In essence, Mana Fashion Services’ vision intertwines unity and growth throughout various industry sectors, nurturing connections within our neighborhoods, one creative visionary at a time.

Mana Fashion Services Celebrates Earth Day
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