Culinary Perfection: An Exclusive Nashville Style Dining Experience at The Patio Restaurant in South Beach

The Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival wouldn't be complete without a private closing Southern feast paired with exotic wines and table discussions.
SOBEWFF at Continuum 2024
SOBEWFF at Continuum 2024World Red Eye

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of being invited to an exclusive dining experience in South Beach as part of the 23rd annual Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival, presented by Capital One.

This wasn't just any experience; it was a private dinner that was meticulously planned and perfectly executed.

Pat Martin describes dinner menu
Pat Martin describes dinner menuWorld Red Eye

A Night of Exotic Wines & Flavorful Delights

Held at The Patio Restaurant at the Continuum, South Beaches luxury oceanfront members only condominium, this fabulous event was far from your ordinary wine and dine scenario.

Nashville's celebrated Pitmaster Pat Martin, alongside The Patio's Chef Claudio Lobina, hosted the exclusive dining experience by creating a menu that was a feast for all my senses.

Chef Claudio Lobina & Pat Martin
Chef Claudio Lobina & Pat MartinWorld Red Eye
Pat Martin first experienced the whole-hog BBQ culinary tradition as a college student in the small town of Henderson, TN. He was immediately hooked on whole hog - the painstaking technique, the variables of live-fire cooking, the time and energy, the smoke, the smell, the history, and the flavors.–Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint

The Patio restaurant at Continuum was fueled by live music from Sinfonic Music and the buzz of excited guests who were all greeted with a glass of wine to start the night's festivities.

Sinfonic Music
Sinfonic MusicWorld Red Eye

The evening kicked off with an introduction to the wines that were paired with the perfectly prefixed menu, courtesy of experts Billy Grant from McPrice Meyers Wine and Valentino Esterno from Fantini Wine.

Fantini Winery is located in the "Greenest Region" of Italy, Abruzzo, where high mountains are close to the coast which generates a rare and precious microclimate - allowing wine to be produced at a low environmental impact.

Billy Grant from McPrice Meyers Wine
Billy Grant from McPrice Meyers WineWorld Red Eye

This year's outdoor barbecue-themed dinner, the second of its kind at Continuum, showcased a brilliant collaboration between Martin and Lobina, blending Southern barbecue mastery with Mediterranean seafood sophistication.

Michele Merlo, Tullia Gasparotto, Claudio Lobina, Pat Martin, & Rishi Idnani
Michele Merlo, Tullia Gasparotto, Claudio Lobina, Pat Martin, & Rishi IdnaniWorld Red Eye
SOBEWFF at Continuum 2024
Indulge in Culinary Excellence: South Beach Wine & Food Festival 2024 Unveiled

Southern Cooking with a Mediterranean Flare 

The menu was a masterpiece of culinary innovation. From Mississippi Hushpuppies with Comeback Sauce to homemade phyllo filled with shrimp and lobster ragout, each dish was a revelation of its own.

Deviled Eggs With Brisket
Deviled Eggs With BrisketWorld Red Eye

The deviled eggs topped with a Hickory smoked brisket was something that I have never tried before and will be trying to fabricate at home, but that might be a challenge so we shall see.

Seafood Cannelloni
Seafood CannelloniWorld Red Eye

The seafood cannelloni which had a sweet pepper sauce was my absolute favorite. I do love anything that has lobster on it and this flavorful dish had my tastebuds spinning.

Charred Chicken Thighs
Charred Chicken ThighsWorld Red Eye

The charred chicken thighs which had an Alabama white sauce truly gave me a taste of Tennessee which is nothing short of spectacular. To mention, the dish was perfectly paired with a hand selected international wine from Hard Working Wines that enhanced every bite.

Hard Working Wines
Hard Working WinesWorld Red Eye

What set this dinner apart was not just the food, but the sense of community and shared passion for culinary excellence. The giant rig containing two oversized grills, brought all the way from Tennessee by Pat Martin himself, was a clear indication to his level of dedication to providing the full Tennessee Southern cooking essence in his grilled masterpieces.

Billy Grant,Pat Martin,Valentino Esterno,Michele Merlo
Billy Grant,Pat Martin,Valentino Esterno,Michele MerloWorld Red Eye

The South Beach Food & Wine Community

As the night wound down, I couldn't help but feel grateful for the opportunity to experience such a unique blend of flavors, talent, and hospitality. The Continuum, with its stunning backdrop of Miami Beach, provided the perfect setting for an unforgettable evening.

Laura Hickey & Mariana Weber
Laura Hickey & Mariana WeberWorld Red Eye

This dinner was more than just a delicious mouthwatering experience; it was a celebration of culinary artistry and the joy of coming together to share in that experience as one. I left with a full stomach, a happy heart, and an eager anticipation for what next year's festival might bring.

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