La Màrtola: A Slice of European Riviera in Miami

Experience the Mediterranean Shores: Dive into the European Elegance and Coastal Cuisine of La Màrtola
La Màrtola Table Spread
La Màrtola Table SpreadPhoto Courtesy La Màrtola

Steps away from the Miami Design District in the Buena Vista Neighborhood, debuts a unique and vibrant dining experience for food and wine enthusiasts. Recently debuted on February 19th, La Màrtola offers a fusion of Italian, French, and Spanish culinary treasures, transporting you to the beautiful coastal towns of Europe. The menu is a celebration of simple ingredients and traditional flavors seen through the creative lens of F&B impresario Paolo Domeneghetti. Located at 4702 NE 2nd Ave, this culinary gem is sure to capture the hearts of guests and excite the taste buds.

La Màrtola Exterior
La Màrtola ExteriorPhoto Courtesy La Màrtola

Union of Tradition & Innovation

At the heart of La Màrtola is the dynamic duo of Paolo Domeneghetti, a renowned food and beverage impresario, and Martino de Rosa, the internationally recognized owner of La Filiale. Coming together from New York City and Italy, they have joined forces to bring European hospitality and warmth to Buena Vista. Their philosophy inspires guests to savor the beauty of life while enjoying an exceptional meal with family and friends.

Paolo Domeneghetti, Owner of La Màrtola
Paolo Domeneghetti, Owner of La MàrtolaPhoto Courtesy La Màrtola

“La Màrtola is the culmination of our passion for dining that is casually elegant, creatively simple, and uniquely familiar. We highlight the simplicity and quality of classics, blending tradition and innovation to create a space that inspires the art of savoring life.”

Paolo Domeneghetti, Owner

La Màrtola Table Spread
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Culinary Excellence

La Màrtola's menu offers a blend of timeless favorites and inventive new dishes, unified by a philosophy of authenticity and simplicity. La Filiale is at the heart of La Màrtola’s pizza program, presenting an array of Neapolitan-style pizzas. Each pizza is a testament to the art of pizza making, featuring ingredients freshly imported from Naples and a secret 'impasto' prepared in-house daily. Along with a world-class gelato program curated by Italian master gelataio, Simone Bonini.

La Màrtola Dishes | Pizzas
La Màrtola Dishes | PizzasPhoto Courtesy La Màrtola

At La Màrtola, the dining experience is relaxed, inviting guests to explore the menu with comfort. Ice-cold Farm-Fresh Oysters perfectly set the stage for signature selections like Orata Crudo and Bluefin Akami Tuna Tartare. For those looking to try more traditional plates, the Lobster Salad or Paleta Ibérica con Chips are the best way to kick off your meal. When choosing a main course, the masterfully grilled Turbot and the Bistecca Fiorentina are exceptional. All dishes are presented family-style, implementing the Mediterranean's easygoing dining culture. Other house specialties include the Olive Ascolane, Fried Cremini, and Farm-Fresh Heirloom Tomatoes, which are guaranteed to delight guests.

La Màrtola Dishes | Grass-Fed Lamb
La Màrtola Dishes | Grass-Fed LambPhoto Courtesy La Màrtola

Welcoming Atmosphere

Inspired by the charm of European coastal towns, the space centers around a garden of fragrant botanicals. Upon entering, guests are greeted by this coastal garden that seamlessly integrates with the interior, displaying unique ceramic artworks created by artist Daphne Leon. The gently illuminated open-air setting is reminiscent of Saint Tropez, Marbella, or Portofino. The intimate bar showcases a carefully selected collection of spirits, classic cocktails, and a wine list that appeals to all guests. This, along with the inspired team of La Màrtola, creates a forever inviting atmosphere.

La Màrtola Interior
La Màrtola InteriorPhoto Courtesy La Màrtola
La Màrtola Interior
La Màrtola InteriorPhoto Courtesy La Màrtola

La Màrtola takes you on a journey to the heart of the European Riviera, offering a unique blend of flavors, ambiance, and hospitality. As Miami welcomes this new gem, food enthusiasts are in for an experience that captures the essence of coastal European dining right in the vibrant setting of the Buena Vista neighborhood. Opening daily from noon to 10:30 PM, La Màrtola promises an atmosphere where every visit feels like a celebration of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

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