New York's Iconic Restaurants Expand to Miami: Discover Lucali and Vitolo

Experience the charm of New York's dining scene in Miami with renowned eateries Lucali and Vitolo. Explore how these culinary gems bring a slice of New York to Miami's vibrant food landscape.
Mark Iacono | Anthony Vitolo
Mark Iacono | Anthony VitoloPhotos Courtesy of Lucali and Vitolo

In a trend that spells delight for food connoisseurs, the sizzling city of Miami is embracing a slice of New York's iconic dining scene. As the cultural and culinary lines blur between these two bustling metropolises, residents who once called New York home are finding comfort in the familiar—a phenomenon that rekindles old flames and creates new traditions under the palm-shaded skies of Miami.

Lucali and Vitolo: Pioneers of New York's Culinary Legacy in Miami

Lucali's and Vitolo, two venerable names that have long commanded the respect of New York’s discerning palates are leading this flavorful migration. These establishments aren’t just opening their doors in a new city; they are weaving their legacy into the very fabric of Miami’s dining culture.

Lucali: Bringing Brooklyn Pizza to Miami Beach

Lucali, known for its irresistibly authentic, thin-crust pizza, brings more than just a taste of Brooklyn to Miami Beach. It imports an ambiance—a dimly lit, casually elegant setting where each pie is a masterpiece crafted with artisanal precision. Mark Iacono’s dedication to quality and simplicity has found a new audience in Miami, an audience eager to savor these traits that are often overshadowed in the flashy local culinary scene.

Mark Iacono in the kitchen
Mark Iacono in the kitchenPhoto Courtesy of Lucali

Vitolo: Italian Tradition Meets South Florida Chic

Meanwhile, Vitolo, a sanctuary for those craving heartwarming Italian-American cuisine, recreates its cherished New York charm in the heart of Miami. Here, classics like spaghetti and meatballs and chicken parmigiana are not merely meals but memories rekindled, shared anew with friends and families. Vitolo’s success lies not only in its flavors but in its ability to create a sense of belonging, a rare quality that turns diners into regulars.

The instant magic that patrons experience when reconnecting with these dining spots is a testament to the timeless appeal of quality and authenticity. As more New Yorkers find themselves relocating to Miami, the success of ventures like Lucali and Vitolo underscores a simple truth: good food knows no boundaries and great dining experiences are universal. This trend is not just a culinary expansion; it’s a cultural bridge, making the Miami dining scene richer and infinitely more vibrant.

Lucali Pizza
Lucali PizzaPhoto Courtesy of Lucali

A Slice of Brooklyn in Miami: Lucali's Culinary Artistry

From its roots in a humble Brooklyn storefront, Lucali has blossomed into a beloved icon of artisan pizza, personified by its founder, Mark Iacono. An accidental chef with a profound love for his community, Iacono transformed a neighborhood candy store into Lucali, a name that now resonates with pizza aficionados far beyond the streets of New York. In Miami's Sunset Harbor, Lucali mirrors its Brooklyn counterpart's devotion to simplicity and quality, using locally sourced ingredients to create pizzas that are both soulful and sublime.

The Miami outpost of Lucali captures the essence of its original locale, retaining the intimate, candlelit ambiance that invites diners into Iacono's personal vision of dining. The décor is understated yet elegant, creating a warm backdrop to the culinary spectacle of Iacono handcrafting each pizza behind the marble counter. The magic of Lucali is not just in its food but in its ability to foster a connection with each guest, making it a cornerstone of Miami's dining scene just as it is in Brooklyn.

Chef Anthony Vitolo and Rob Crosoli
Chef Anthony Vitolo and Rob CrosoliPhoto Courtesy of Vitolo

Vitolo: Italian Heritage on the Shores of Fort Lauderdale

The opening of Vitolo on the pristine shores of Fort Lauderdale Beach marks a new chapter in the storied culinary career of Chef Anthony Vitolo, whose roots trace back to the vibrant kitchens of Emilio's Ballato in Manhattan. Together with hospitality maestro Rob Crosoli, Vitolo introduces a dining experience that blends authentic Italian cuisine with the flair of South Florida’s burgeoning gastronomic landscape.

Vitolo Ft Lauderdale  |Polpette
Vitolo Ft Lauderdale |PolpettePhoto: Javier Hurtado

Vitolo isn't just a restaurant; it's a multi-experience venue that promises to immerse its guests in the depth of Italian dining tradition while embracing the uniqueness of its Floridian setting. The design includes three distinct areas: the Cucina, offering a chef’s table experience; the Sala Arco, a supper club lounge for more intimate gatherings; and the Terrazza, a picturesque outdoor setting perfect for al fresco dining. Each space is crafted to enhance the sensory pleasures of Vitolo’s offerings—from hand-crafted pizzas to classic dishes like Vitello Antonio.

Vitolo Ft Lauderdale
Vitolo Ft LauderdalePhoto Courtesy of Vitolo

Chef Vitolo’s dedication to authenticity extends to a selection of signature hand-crafted pizzas made with fresh Italian-imported ingredients straight from his family farm in Sarno, Italy.  He ensures that each dish not only honors his heritage but also resonates with his guests' contemporary tastes. This commitment to quality and atmosphere makes Vitolo a beacon for those seeking a taste of Italy in South Florida.

Mark Iacono | Anthony Vitolo
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