Sweat with Suarez: The Mayor's Fitness Initiative

Leading Change: From Parks to Personal Goals, How the City of Miami is Getting Fit Together.
Mariana Weber, Francis Suarez & Son, Ella Davar
Mariana Weber, Francis Suarez & Son, Ella DavarMariana Weber

This week, I had the opportunity to sweat it out with none other than the Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, a name the locals have all grown to love. The exciting experience was all a part of his fitness initiative community program—a brilliant effort to get locals moving, grooving, and implementing a healthier lifestyle for a better future for all.

I’m here to share the details on what went down, and trust me, it was a blast, and I can't wait to do it again!

Mayor Francis Suarez Fitness Initiative Event flier
Mayor Francis Suarez Fitness Initiative Event flierCity Of Miami

The Event: Fun, Free, and Full of Energy

The free event that I attended was at the Shenandoah Park in Miami, and it was buzzing with energy, with fitness instructor Armando Santos leading us through an intense workout session. From mats to dumbbells to raised steps, we had everything we needed already provided and set up for us in perfect rows.

There were a set of indoor and outdoor workouts, each designed to push your limits and get your heart pumping. The HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) class was divided into three parts, ensuring no muscle was left unworked. The upbeat music kept spirits high as we burned calories, pushed through the burn, and cheered each other on. It was a community bonding experience like no other and I was beyond excited to be a part of it along with my good friend Ella Davar, who invited me to be her work out buddy.

Here's a video of the event that the mayor posted which captures clips from the workout and the energy from the crowd...

Meeting Mayor Suarez: More Than Just a Politician

Meeting Mayor Suarez in person was a highlight. He’s not just a political figure; he’s an incredibly kind individual and fitness enthusiast who genuinely cares about the health and well-being of his community. His initiative aims to steer the locals away from harmful substances by promoting exercise as a source of endorphins which promotes overall happiness for a life best lived. What a saint!

According to the mayor, a good workout will get your happy chemicals flowing so all you need is an active routine to keep you at your best. I completely agree!

Mariana Weber, Francis Suarez & Son, Ella Davar
Mariana Weber, Francis Suarez & Son, Ella DavarMariana Weber

Community-Wide Fitness Movement

These fitness events were scattered across various parks in Miami, creating a city-wide movement towards a healthier lifestyle. Mayor Suarez’s vision is clear: he wants every Miamian to have the opportunity to improve their health and wellness. This is more than just a workout; it’s about building a community that supports each other in achieving fitness goals and making positive life changes with the right mindset.

Physical health, according to Suarez, is fundamental to our daily lives. It affects our decision-making, stress management, and overall mental wellness. In a fast-paced city like Miami, staying fit is crucial. Suarez himself is a fan of CrossFit because it combines gymnastics, Olympic lifting, and cardiovascular workouts. It’s efficient and doesn’t require much planning—just show up and sweat it out. I always say, be like Nike and "Just Do It!".

Some go-to health tips: protein shakes with creatine and unsaturated fats is a great snack of choice, and “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor is the ultimate workout anthem.
Mayor Francis Suarez
Event flier for one location
Event flier for one locationInstagram / Francis Suarez

A Bit About Mayor Suarez

In November 2017, Francis Suarez became the first Miami-born mayor. He’s a local through and through, having attended both undergrad and law school in Florida. Before his election as mayor, Suarez served as a Miami commissioner, always advocating for a healthier community. He’s a family man, proud to be raising his children in the city he loves and takes action for.

More details
Suarez speaking at a Turning Point USA
More details Suarez speaking at a Turning Point USA Gage Skidmore

Tackling Obesity Head-On

Suarez’s dedication to fitness isn’t just for show. Obesity is a significant issue, and he’s made it his mission to tackle it head-on. During his time as a commissioner, he organized activities to get kids active, including basketball games, boot camp training, and flag football. Now, as mayor, he’s expanding those efforts to include everyone.

Like his slogan says, "It's time to get started", so be willing to create a positive change for yourself to have the life that you dream about.

Francis Suarez 2024 Presidential Campaign
Francis Suarez 2024 Presidential CampaignWikipedia

Community Health Initiatives

Early this year, Suarez teamed up with DeliverLean for the Miami Moves Healthiest City Campaign, focusing on delivering health education and nutritious meals to low-income and disadvantaged citizens. And let’s not forget, Suarez was the first convalescent plasma donor in Florida after recovering from COVID-19. The mayor's commitment to health and fitness is truly inspiring.

Mayor Suarez’s fitness initiative Team
Mayor Suarez’s fitness initiative TeamDeliverLean

An Action for Change

Mayor Suarez’s fitness initiative is more than just a program; it’s a call to action for the entire community. It’s about embracing a culture of wellness, supporting each other, and creating a healthier Miami. Stay active, implement a nutritious diet, and most of all discipline yourself to be consistent in your daily routine.

So, grab your workout gear and get moving, because health is wealth!

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