Carlo DiPasquale: Global and Local Expertise

Bridging Cultures: Carlo DiPasquale's Multilingual Mastery in Miami's Luxury Market
Carlo DiPasquale
Carlo DiPasqualeBy Mary Beth Koeth

Miami is famously international, a cosmopolitan hotspot where the global flavor extends from the culinary and cultural scene to the people who call the city home. And that makes it the ideal locale for Compass Real Estate Agent Carlo Dipasquale. As one of Miami’s leading lights in luxury residential real estate, Carlo parlays his gift for languages (he speaks four fluently), his passion for travel (60+ countries), his business acumen, and his extensive knowledge of the local market into providing exceptional service for a largely international clientele that includes celebrities and sports stars.

Born and raised in Sicily, Carlo studied languages in college, augmenting Italian and English with a mastery of Spanish and Portuguese. He began his career in diplomacy, working for the Consulate General of Italy in Miami. Intrigued by the world of real estate, he started buying, remodeling, and selling properties as a sideline and eventually transitioned full time to the field that has become his passion.

Ritz-Carlton Residences Sunny Isles Beach
Ritz-Carlton Residences Sunny Isles BeachBy Lenny Kagan

“I love this job because every day is different. It’s always interesting,” says Carlo, who has generated sales of more than $1 billion in luxe homes and investment properties throughout South Florida while maintaining a presence in Manhattan luxury real estate. His wide-ranging work might take him to Palm Beach one day, Pompano the next, and, in certain seasons, abroad.

Carlo regularly travels to Mexico, Brazil, Italy, and even Monte Carlo for personalized presentations to potential new buyers as well as friendly chats with longstanding clients-turned-friends who rely on him to keep them updated on the nuances of the Miami market. He backs his own extensive knowledge with data and analysis compiled by his team of 13.

“When I go to South America or Europe to do presentations, I don’t sell properties. I sell the city,” Carlo explains. “Why Miami? Miami has become a global city as important as New York, London, or Paris. People from all over the world come here and find events related to their culture, from restaurants to art to music to film festivals, so they feel instantly at home. Everything here has improved in terms of infrastructure, and this is just the beginning. When the people who move the economy make Miami their home base, you can only imagine the growth this young city will continue to experience. So when someone buys real estate here, they’re investing in the future and the future of their families.”

Carlo DiPasquale
Carlo DiPasqualeBy Mary Beth Koeth

Carlo and his team are keenly attuned to the priorities of high-end international clients. They are adept at accommodating requests that run the gamut from buyers in far-flung locales who need a video walkthrough of a property just before it hits the market to Miami newcomers in need of a CPA fluent in their native language or a decorator who understands current trends in Italian interiors.

Carlo DiPasquale
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