No Strings Attached: The Miami High Life Without the Commitment

Step Into a World of Elegance and Extravagance with Miami's Premier Luxury Furnished Rentals for Those Who Are Still Searching for Their Dream Home.
1425 Brickell Ave, 60AB
1425 Brickell Ave, 60ABSOTHEBY'S REALTY

Miami, a city synonymous with luxury and vibrant living, offers plenty of opportunities to live amidst opulence and elegance practically anywhere you look. For the discerning few who desire the allure of high-end living without the pressure of ownership, Miami's luxury condo rentals offer the perfect short-term luxury home solution.

Today, am going to show you a few immaculate fully furnished condominium rentals in Miami's top popular neighborhoods that you must see. These residences are absolutely stunning and truly embody the essence of luxury living. Each spectacular condo, curated for those with an appetite for the finer things in life, provides a seamless entry into a world where every detail is catered to, and every amenity speaks of refinement.

Embrace the Opulence of Miami's Premier Fully Furnished Condos

Experience the epitome of luxury living in Miami, tailored for those who seek the exceptional without the commitment. Take a look at these five luxury rental homes that are ready to be occupied by the best and brightest.

Fisher Island: A Serene Escape Overlooking the Bay

Location: 2436 Fisher Island Drive, Unit 5306
Price: $35,000/month - FULLY FURNISHED

At Fisher Island, you're not just renting a property; you're securing a piece of paradise. This premiere condominium rental with its breathtaking views of Miami's skyline and Biscayne Bay, exemplifies sophisticated living with a dash of Hamptons glamour. Designed by Adriana Hoyos, this residence has a beautiful wide terrace perfect for those who live to entertain and find solace in the serenity of Miami water views.

Fisher Island had the highest per capita income of any zip code in the US, making it the richest city in the country.
Coldwell Banker

Downtown Miami: A Penthouse with Panoramic Splendor

Location: 900 Biscayne Blvd, Unit 6307

Price: $20,000/month - FULLY FURNISHED

This penthouse caught my eye for the sheer fact that it has everything that you could need - water views, architectural value, and a clean modern interior design. This penthouse, a haven of elegance and high-end finishes, offers an unobstructed scenery of the bay and skyline. With amenities that rival those of five-star resorts, including a private theater and a chef's kitchen, it represents the pinnacle of urban luxury living.

Sunny Isles: Oceanfront Opulence in The Porsche Design Tower

Location: 18555 Collins Ave, Unit 3005
Price: $30,000/month - FULLY FURNISHED

Housed within the Porsche Design Tower, this stunning condominium is where innovation meets indulgence. This residence is not just a home; it's a statement that you are worthy and deserving of having everything you want. With its own carport and direct access to your lavish hideaway, this unit is a technological luxury. Artefacto's furnishings complement the breathtaking ocean views, ensuring every moment at your home is a celebration of your success.

Brickell: Sophistication at the Four Seasons

Location: 1425 Brickell Ave, Unit 60AB
Price: $29,500/month / FULLY FURNISHED

In the heart of Brickell, the Four Seasons offers a luxury living experience that's nothing short of extraordinary. This unique condominium unit, designed by Bea Pernia, reflects a blend of modern elegance and timeless luxury. Located in proximity to Miami's finest dining, entertainment, and various stores, this residence puts the "E" in easy living as everything you could want is within walking distance.

Miami Beach: Beachfront Luxury at Faena House

Location: 3315 Collins Ave, Unit 11C
Price: $35,000/month / FULLY FURNISHED

If you have ever been to Miami, then you are all too familiar with the iconic Faena House, which is a symbol of architectural beauty and refined living. This exclusive building, designed by Foster + Partners, offers residences that are a masterpiece of design and functionality. With unobstructed views of the ocean and city, living here means embracing the beauty of Miami from a clear water vantage point.

1425 Brickell Ave, 60AB
Luxury Oceanfront Penthouse in Miami Beach: A $5.5M Dream Home

Choose Luxury Leasing

Opting for a luxury lease allows you to immerse yourself in Miami's opulent lifestyle without a long-term commitment. It's a chance to explore different neighborhoods, experience the city's rich culture, and enjoy the flexibility of luxury living at your own discretion.

Weather you gravitate towards the city life, or the beach life, there's a home that's waiting for you.

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