Billionaire Bunker: Jeff Bezos Adds $90M Mansion to His Empire

Explore the allure of Indian Creek Island and seize the opportunity to make its prestigious lifestyle your own.
Jeff Bezos
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Jeff Bezos recent purchase of a new home in Miami has sparked considerable interest among the locals, including myself. Even though the real estate market seems like it's decelerating, the tech magnate's decision to invest millions in a property shows confidence in the fact that the market does in fact have potential.

Jeff Bezos
Jeff BezosShutterstock / Lev Radin

So perhaps the issue is not a lack of interest or funds, but rather an exceedingly discerning clientele who might just be "picky". They say location is everything and Bezos' recent home purchase on Indian Creek Island just further validates that statement.

Indian Creek Island Entrance
Indian Creek Island EntranceHomes

Bezos' Bold Blueprint

In a series of calculated steps, Bezos expanded his footprint in Miami with a remarkable $90 million off-market purchase, marking his third luxury home purchase on Indian Creek Island. This move isn't just a statement of wealth but a vision taking shape; a testament of Bezos' commitment to Miami by creating another relaxing retreat in the most prestigious neighborhood to the stars.

28 Indian Creek Road
28 Indian Creek RoadMega

His latest home addition has six-bedrooms, nine-bathrooms, and sits proudly on 1.8 acres of land that just happens to be surrounded by many A-list celebrity neighbors that may actually be his close friends.

28 Indian Creek Island Road
28 Indian Creek Island Road Google Map

A Closer Glimpse into Bezos' Billionaire Bunker Estates

Bezos, the powerhouse behind Amazon and Blue Origin, securing another residence on this prestigious island is not merely an expansion of his impressive collection of homes but a testament to his affinity for the pinnacle of luxury living.

With all three spacious properties combined, the internet retail tycoon has now invested a staggering sum of $237 million in real estate on the exclusive islands which, I'm sure, has some of his neighbor's green with envy.

11 Indian Creek Island Road
11 Indian Creek Island RoadRedfin

11 Indian Creek Island Road

This $68 million estate features a 9,259-square-foot concrete house set on nearly three acres of breathtaking water views.

12 Indian Creek Island Road
12 Indian Creek Island RoadTrulia

12 Indian Creek Island Road

A neighboring $79 million-dollar Mediterranean-style mansion, enhancing his domain (pun intended).

28 Indian Creek Island Road
28 Indian Creek Island Road Mega

28 Indian Creek Island Road

A $90 million-dollar home which Bezos' plans to significantly transform into a vision of absolute perfection for himself and his bride to be.

Indian Creek Island
Indian Creek Islandfelix mizioznikov

Why Indian Creek Island?

Indian Creek Island, better known as "Billionaire Bunker", is an exclusive high-profile neighborhood that houses many rich and famous names who can afford a pricy abode that gives them complete privacy.

The concentration of highly affluent people on the island has earned it the nickname Billionaire Bunker.

Island Features

  • Exclusivity: With 41 residential homes, Indian Creek is the epitome of private luxury living with the upmost exclusivity.

  • Security: A dedicated police force ensures the safety and privacy of its residents around the clock.

  • Leisure and Luxury: The 300-acre island provides a finely groomed 18-hole championship golf course for those who love to putt in peace.

  • Celebrity Neighbors: Tom Brady, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Norman Braham, Jeff Bezos, and others high-profile business professionals who have chosen Indian Creek not just for its opulence but for the unmistakable statement that it makes.

Jeff Bezos
Tom Brady Fully Embraces Miami Luxury Living in His $17M Oasis
38 Indian Creek Island Road
38 Indian Creek Island RoadCompass

Joining the Ranks of Indian Creek’s Elite

While Bezos settles into his new home, you could be joining him by sharing the same zip code with a rare opportunity to live on the prestigious island. In fact, there just happens to be a luxury home of monumental elegance which is currently on the market in the neighborhood that will allow you to live amongst the elite, if you dare. This stunning property promises not just a home, but a lifestyle of class and elegance within the exclusive confines of the respected Indian Creek Island community.

Luxury Home Highlights

  • Address: 38 Indian Creek Island Road, Miami Beach, FL 33154

  • Asking Price: $17,027,500

  • Specifications: 8 Bedrooms / 10 Full Baths / 2 Half Baths / 9,709 square feet of luxurious space.

This exclusive Indian Creek Island property offers a blend of comfort and elegance all around. Featuring its own elevator, a spacious office, and a versatile gym with a steam shower that can also function as an extra bedroom. The outdoor area includes a newly installed pool, surrounded by plenty of space for entertaining guests, and a significant sized dock with lifts that will allow your guests to park their yacht with ease. Not only does this luxury Miami home give you a generous 1.25-acres of complete privacy, but a fabulous zip code to go along with it.

38 Indian Creek Island Road
38 Indian Creek Island RoadCompass

Community and Connections

Living on Indian Creek Island is about more than just the physical space and prestigious zip code; it's about joining a community where privacy, security, and luxury service are expected and established at every step. The island’s unique location in Miami Beach offers an exclusive lifestyle, harmoniously combining serene waterfront living with easy access to the Miami's celebrated leisurely way of life.

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