Michael Jordan's Real Estate Swoosh: A $16.5 Million Mansion

From NBA to Real Estate: Michael Jordan's Latest Expansion Offers a Reason to Become Part of The Bear's Club Community.
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan Shutterstock / landmarkmedia

The buzz has been going around about Michael Jordan's recent real estate purchase in Jupiter, Florida—a $16.5 million mansion set within the prestigious gated community known as The Bear's Club.

This move not only enriches his already notable property portfolio but shines a radiant spotlight on Miami's magnetic appeal to those who seek an opulent lifestyle.

Michael Jordan golfing
Michael Jordan golfingFlickr / shgmom56

As Michael Jordan continues to redefine the boundaries of his legacy, his latest real estate investment in one of Jupiter's exclusive members clubs is a testament to his enduring pursuit of excellence, mirroring the same relentless drive and commitment that propelled him to NBA stardom.

Known as an athlete whose gravity extends well beyond the boundaries of the basketball court, Jordan catalyzed the global success of the NBA during the 1980s and 1990s, transforming not just the game but its significance in the world. Acclaimed universally as the greatest basketball player of all time, his legacy is not just limited to his NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls; it's also preserved in the NBA Most Valuable Player Award trophy, now named the Michael Jordan Trophy.

Michael Jordan
Michael JordanMichael Jordan / Instagram
Jordan has played fifteen seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA) between 1984 and 2003, winning six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls.

It's this inspirational blend of excellence and influence that Jordan carries into his ventures off the court, now notably in the luxury real estate market which is bringing much excitement to the residents in Jupiter.

Jupiter, Florida
Jupiter, FloridaD Ramey Logan / Wikipedia

Jupiter: Florida's Best Kept Secret

Sitting proudly at the northern tip of Palm Beach County, Jupiter isn't just a perfect quiet hideout for the affluent and famous; it's a complete Florida luxury lifestyle. The town offers a blend of natural beauty, high-end amenities, and exclusive gated communities that cater to the most discerning tastes. It's where success meets leisure in a serene landscape, making it an irresistible draw for celebrities and accomplished business professionals alike.

The Bear's Club
The Bear's ClubThe Bear's Club
Michael Jordan
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The Bear's Club: A Golfers Paradise

This exclusive gated members-only club is more than a golf community; it's a sanctuary for those seeking privacy, luxury, and exclusivity in the sunshine state. The Bear's Club promises a lifestyle of leisure and convenience, with gorgeous estates that share stunning acre views that continue for miles.

It's here that Michael Jordan has chosen to expand his real estate empire, solidifying Jupiter as "home is where the heart is", a place that evidently captures his heart and caters to his every desire.

The Bear's Club
The Bear's ClubThe Bear's Club

Founded in 1999 by Jack and Barbara Nicklaus, The Bear's Club was conceived to offer members and their guests a world-class golf and club experience.

The Bear's Club

103 West Bears Club Drive
103 West Bears Club DriveZillow

Jupiter Homes: Michael Jordan's Impressive Residences

Michael Jordan's residences in Jupiter, Florida, are more than just homes; they are personal landmarks, reflecting a lifestyle that many aspire to but only a few attain. Through these properties, Jordan continues to leave an indelible mark on the world, proving that his legacy extends far beyond the courts.

103 West Bears Club Drive
103 West Bears Club DriveZillow

Latest Home Purchase: 103 West Bears Club Drive

Jordan purchased this impressive 9,100 square feet mansion in March of 2024, making this his second addition in The Bear's Club community. With five bedrooms and eight bathrooms, each part of the luxury home provides plenty of space and comfort, with the highest standards of living.

Positioned on a 0.9-acre lot, Jordan's new home offers breathtaking views of a meticulously designed golf course, blending natural beauty with his 2-story estate.

103 West Bears Club Drive
103 West Bears Club DriveZillow

In the backyard, a stunning pool serves as the centerpiece along with the summer kitchen which ensures that hosting and entertainment are always an option, anytime.

Beyond the basics, the house features a four-car garage, a detached guest house, and a club room which is the focal point for entertainment designed for hosting large gatherings in a lavish Floridian setting.

172 Bears Club Drive
172 Bears Club DriveJeff Realty

Primary Luxury Residence: 172 Bears Club Drive

Michael's primary residence on Bears Club Drive, an 11-bedroom architectural masterpiece, was in fact designed to his every expectation. Sitting on a 3-acre estate and spanning over 28,000 square feet, the massive property is actually composed of a trio of structures: a secure guard house, a side guest house, and an athletic wing complete with a personal basketball court and gym, estimated to be valued in the $25M range.

This is Michael and Yvette Prieto Jordan’s favored home retreat, which gives them tranquility, space away from the public eye, and every conceivable thing they could ever want in a premiere community.

The Bear's Club
The Bear's ClubThe Bear's Club

Available Luxury Homes: The Bear's Club Community

If you want the chance to live in Michael's neighborhood and even catch him playing golf, then you are in luck as there are some incredible luxury homes that are up for grabs in the posh gated community. The Bear's Club has these exclusive listings ready to welcome you into a world of "His Airness":

426 Via Del Orso Drive
426 Via Del Orso DriveSotheby's International Realty

Location: 426 Via Del Orso Drive, Jupiter, Florida, 33477

Price: $5,850,000

Specs: 4,662 sq ft | 5 bedrooms | 6.5 bathrooms

Highlights: This spacious home, surrounded by lush greenery, provides complete privacy and close proximity to the clubhouse.

185 Bears Club Drive
185 Bears Club DriveSotheby's International Realty

Location: 185 Bears Club Drive, Jupiter, Florida, 33477

Price: $25,000,000

Specs: 10,795 sq ft | 6 bedrooms | 7.5 bathrooms

Highlights: This Connecticut country style estate is set to be finished in the summer of 2025 and will sit on a 1.365-acre lot of real estate perfection.

228 Bears Club Drive
228 Bears Club DriveSotheby's International Realty

Location: 228 Bears Club Drive, Jupiter, Florida, 33477

Price: $30,000,000

Specs: 10,579 sq ft | 6 bedrooms | 10 bathrooms (8 full, 2 partial)

Highlights: This unique new construction home has lake and golf views, unique finishes, and a 5-car garage with +golf cart & option for 8 cars with lifts.

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