Highover Estate: A Legacy of Grandeur in Connecticut’s Enchanted Countryside

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Highover Estate
Highover EstateMark Orensteen

Elegantly positioned in the timeless New England setting of Lyme, Connecticut, lies Highover, a treasure of the American landscape. The 30-acre waterfront estate, now listed for $15 million, boasts a legacy of refinement, privacy, and grandeur.

Highover Estate Sunset
Highover Estate SunsetMark Orensteen

Highover’s commanding presence is rooted in its geology—formed from the ancient rock of Avalonia, it stands as a testament to Earth’s primal past. Yet, it is the symphony of cultural and historical significance that orchestrates its unparalleled allure. Guests such as Albert Einstein, Katharine Hepburn, President Harding, and theatrical luminary William Gillette have graced its halls. Gillette, known for his definitive portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, found solace and inspiration in the tranquility of Highover’s grounds, just as did the impressionist artists who painted the Lyme landscape, making the area known as “American Barbizon,” a New England echo of France’s Giverny.

Lyme Art Colony | Hassam Painting Apple Trees | Einstein Photo Sailing | Artists on front porch
Lyme Art Colony | Hassam Painting Apple Trees | Einstein Photo Sailing | Artists on front porchPhoto courtesy of William Raveis Real Estate

Architect Alfred Hopkins conceived this sprawling chateau, which, following a meticulous five-year renovation, intertwines the irreplaceable craftsmanship of its 18-inch stone walls with 21st-century luxuries. The heart of the estate is an almost 1,000 square-foot primary suite wing that offers a sanctuary of repose. Whether one is enthralled by the narrative of the home theater, the curated collection in the 800-bottle wine cellar, the conviviality of the billiards room, or the culinary potential of the kitchen with its sparkling views, every corner of Highover resonates with purpose and possibility.

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The estate’s embrace extends to a lovingly restored 1820s Federal Style guest house, offering modern comforts while echoing the architectural reverence of its time. A new three-bay garage with a workshop above and a spacious tobacco barn caters to an array of recreational pursuits. Highover’s dock, cradling Whalebone Creek, awaits a 36’ Hinckley Picnic boat, while larger vessels find harbor at nearby marinas.

Highover’s dock, cradling Whalebone Creek, awaits a 36’ Hinckley Picnic boat
Highover’s dock, cradling Whalebone Creek, awaits a 36’ Hinckley Picnic boatMark Orensteen

It’s not just the land but the sky above Highover that captivates; the lack of light pollution ensures the celestial canvas remains as the stars intended, timeless and boundless. Nature’s performance is unceasing—hummingbirds dance on the southern porch, red-tail hawks weave through the sky, and eagles command the air with their majesty.

Highover Estate Sunset on the waterfront
Highover Estate Sunset on the waterfrontMark Orensteen

The estate’s surroundings are equally enchanting. Lyme, where history whispers through preserved antique homes and undisturbed stone walls, offers a sanctuary from the rapid tempo of urban life. Despite its seclusion, Highover remains within easy reach of New York and Boston, with less than an hour’s helicopter flight from JFK, Logan, and Bradley, blending convenience with serene isolation.

Step into a serene escape with our visual tour of the estate’s enchanting surroundings. Click through to wander the historic grounds of Highover, where every stone wall whispers tales of the past. Experience the tranquility that offers a perfect respite from the bustling urban life.

As one traverses the grounds, it’s impossible not to feel the layers of stories that have unfolded here. From the laughter of illustrious guests to the quiet moments of reflection by artists and thinkers, Highover isn’t merely a home; it’s a vibrant cultural artifact. Here, one doesn’t just reside; they become a steward of history, a part of a narrative that continues to unfold with grace and grandeur.

For inquiries, Edward Hillyer of The Hillyer Team at William Raveis Real Estate stands ready to offer a gateway to this extraordinary slice of American legacy.

MLS# 170623353 | $15,000,000

Listing Agent: Edward Hillyer | The Hillyer Team at William Raveis Real Estate | 860.235.3424 | Edward.hillyer@raveis.com | hillyerteam.com

Highover Estate
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