What Are the Most Stylish Sporting Events to Visit?

Horse Races in Style
Horse Races in Style

Enjoying some sporting action doesn’t have to mean losing out on any of the style and luxury you look for in your lifestyle. Choosing a high-quality event to visit is the first step to making your sporting adventures more elegant.

The Top Horse Races

Horseracing is known as the sport of king for a good reason, as it’s always attracted wealthy and stylish fans. Top races take place all over the planet and allow you to put on your finest clothing, from the formal attire at Royal Ascot in England to the light and summery clothes typically worn at the Kentucky Derby. It’s always worth checking the dress code before you go, as they vary and can even be different from one day to the next at the biggest festivals.

Horseracing has made it into popular culture too, with movies such as Dream Horse and Jockey among the most recent releases. In regard to literature, Dick Francis wrote a collection of crime novels set in the world of horseracing, and you can read the biographies of Peter Scudamore, John Francome, and other major horseracing figures. iGaming has also incorporated the idea of horseracing into its industry, with Ruby Walsh Champion's Gold slot being a key example of a slot game based on the sport. With symbols including pieces of racing gear, the action takes place on a racetrack in front of a packed grandstand.

Watch the Super Bowl in Style

Football isn’t commonly regarded as one of the most stylish sports, but there’s no doubt that the Super Bowl is one of the world’s biggest and best events. A look at the luxury suites that were available for Super Bowl LVII at the Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada reveals how seats here are highly sought after. At one point, guests were paying up to $2.5 million for this luxury once-in-a-lifetime experience. Tickets to see the game between the San Francisco 49s and the Kansas City Chiefs in a private suite ranged from $180,000 for just four spectators up to $1.8 million for a group of 20.

This included more than just access to some of the best views in the stadium though. Fans were also able to choose from luxury dining options and have their own bar. Many top celebrities and the families of star players watched the action unfold from this privileged viewpoint.

F1 Grand Prix Races

Motor racing is another of the most popular sports among stylish fans. The globe-trotting Grand Prix circuit takes the races to places like Bahrain, Miami, and Singapore. The famous Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo is arguably the most elegant, with drivers racing around the narrow streets. Many of the wealthiest fans watch on from their yachts moored in the harbor and others buy tickets for the temporary grandstands or rent a local property with views.

All of these options give you excellent ways of watching memorable sporting events while enjoying the top level of luxury that the best sporting facilities have to offer.

Horse Races in Style
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