What's Your Wedding Aesthetic? 7 Ways to Perfectly Coordinate Your Wedding Look

What's Your Wedding Aesthetic? 7 Ways to Perfectly Coordinate Your Wedding Look

After calming down from all the excitement of getting engaged, the next step is to start thinking about the logistics of your wedding day; this includes the venue, decor, food, and more.

What’s also important is your appearance; that should be nothing short of absolute perfection. While it may be confusing to pick one specific idea from the gazillion ones that come to your mind, in the end, it’s all about your style and vibe.

In this article, we help brides and grooms finalize their wedding attire and discuss what to consider before purchasing it.

Know Your Preferences

Embrace your style, whether it’s reflected in your decor, wedding menu, or attire. This is your day, and your style should shine through. Doing so lets you be confident you’re wearing something you love on your special day. 

Evaluate your signature home style or places you like to visit and gauge what you like about them to determine whether you prefer sleek lines, neutral tones, boisterous spaces, or glamorous designs.

Similarly, if you’re a bride or groom who adorns body art, don’t forget about that. Try to create a cohesive blend between your bling and wedding attire. For example, if you’ve had some ear gauging done, choose ear plugs or tunnels made of the same material as the rest of your jewelry so they don’t look out of place.

Choose A Theme And Color Scheme

Be watchful of the colors and theme you choose, as they play a vital role in setting the style for your big day. When selecting your theme, decide on one that complements your favorite colors. If you love sticking to traditions, gold, white, silver, and black are luxurious yet classic wedding colors.

If your preferences are more eccentric, you can experiment with bold colors like reds, purples, blues, and yellows. Create a vision board regarding the theme with your partner’s and your personality in mind. Gather inspiration from your dates or unique gifts you gave each other. Make sure you express your individuality and let your personas shine through your theme.

Consider The Venue Style

Your aesthetic preferences will take shape as the planning continues. Still, the venue matters a lot when deciding the overall vision and setting the foundation for your wedding style, including your attire.

For instance, if you decide to get hitched on the beach, your wedding gown or tux will have to complement the tropical vibe, whereas a more modern aesthetic, like a rooftop wedding, a chic cityscape gown, and a classic black suit will work perfectly.

Keep The Season In Mind

Another aspect that will make or break your wedding attire is the time of the year you decide to tie the knot. While seasons don’t entirely affect your aesthetic, specific details matter, such as dress codes for heat or cold, color palettes for seasonal hues, menus based on the available ingredients, flower arrangements, etc. 

Everyone knows pastels work best for springtime; jewel tones and greenery make any winter wedding look epic. For instance, if you decide to have your wedding celebration in Temecula, August and September are the hottest months, so you’ll have to choose clothes and venues that won’t have your guests or you in a pool of sweat.

Incorporate Traditions

When considering personalizing your wedding, there’s no better place to go searching than your unique culture. If you come from a background rich in traditions or want a cross-cultural wedding, use it to leave a lasting impression on your wedding day.

Suppose you or your spouse have Indian roots but don’t want to go out in the celebration style. Infuse spiritual elements like the sindoor ceremony, where the groom places a red-colored powder with his thumb on the bride’s hair parting. You can also add some famous Bollywood tunes and know for sure your guests can get their groove on.

Discuss With Close Loved Ones

Who knows you better than your mom, dad, sisters, brother, or best friends? It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by all the preparations and decide on a specific aspect of your wedding. That’s where you can ask your loved ones for help and use their opinions to decide.

Brainstorm different aesthetics and have them approve of your overall vision. However, be sure to include your partner in every step, and know that their opinions trump anyone else’s. If they don’t like it, don’t push for it just because your family suggested it.

Consult A Professional

Last but not least, and this one’s a no-brainer, a wedding planner or designer can save you a lot of time and hassle by helping you develop your vision. If you have many ideas scattered everywhere, they can help you bridge the gap and bring your dream wedding together. If you have a specific vision, sit with them, talk it out, and they will undoubtedly come up with a plan that turns your wishes into reality.

While these tips will guide you in a general direction, you must ultimately adapt what is included in your wedding to your tastes. That said, these suggestions should give you enough inspiration to start choosing the perfect wedding look!

What's Your Wedding Aesthetic? 7 Ways to Perfectly Coordinate Your Wedding Look
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