How to Mix High and Low Fashion

How to Mix High and Low Fashion

Striking the right balance between high and low fashion is the key to stylish looks. You don’t have to overdo or underdo your outfit. Instead, you have to find high and low-fashion items that go well together, be it handbags or indoor-outdoor slippers. Know that you can mix to create your own style.

This strategy doesn’t only make you look good, but it also saves a ton of money. But be wise about what you choose; otherwise, you will end up with a poor wardrobe!

In this post, we will guide you on how to mix high and low fashion like a pro.

1. Build Your Style

Before doing anything, you need to figure out what looks good on you. Everyone is different, and so there is no one-size-fits-all in fashion. You need to consider your body height and shape to understand what is your style. 

For example, if you’re short, pair high-waisted jeans with cropped tops to look taller. It is also a great idea to wear monochromes or vertical lines to create an illusion of height. This information helps you narrow down the options and find the right clothing items. 

We recommend listing at least 5 clothing pieces that suit you and can be worn regularly. Once you know what you need, you are ready to spend money and build a good wardrobe.

2. Know Where to Spend

There are three spending rules for properly mixing high and low fashion. First, never hesitate to buy designer accessories—just make sure they are neutral colors!

Second, don’t spend too much on the basics. Instead, focus on the fabric quality and buy cheap if you have to. 

There’s simply no point in buying an expensive basic tee because it’s not the highlight of the outfit. It doesn’t shine on its own and you will definitely have to pair it with a jacket or accessories to look prettier. 

Most designer items don’t even last long. So, it’s best to buy cheap but quality basics. If you really want a branded basic, try to thrift it. 

Third, designer knockoffs are a big no-no. It's tempting to buy knockoffs because they have the same pattern and colors, but trust us, they don't look the same. 

Anyone who wears these designer outfits will automatically know they are knockoffs.

3. Add One Designer Item to Your Fit

Now, let's focus on the wearing aspect. The best way to mix high and low fashion in your outfit is to wear only one designer item. That may sound a bit less, but that's the magic of designer items. 

A single piece can elevate the entire look, so there's no need to wear all Gucci or Saint Laurent. For example, if you are wearing a Dolce & Gabbana skirt, pair it with a mid-range top and neutral accessories. 

Similarly, wear a stylish silk dress with a designer bag to make your outfit glamorous. Remember, too many labels are off-putting and weird. They only indicate you have a lot of money, but no sense in fashion.

How to Mix High and Low Fashion
Elton Ilirjani – Masterful Modelling of Malan Breton on the Athens Fashion Week Runway

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