How Casinos Can Compete Against Convenient Online Alternatives

How Casinos Can Compete Against Convenient Online Alternatives

The retail industry has been up against the convenience of online alternatives for years, and many businesses have had to shut their doors after being unable to compete. The gambling industry is one that has seen a huge change thanks to improved connectivity and technological developments.

Betting expert Sergio Zammit explains why the online casinos shortlisted here can offer consumers a betting experience that rivals, and sometimes surpasses that of brick and mortar casinos.

Low minimum deposits, fast payouts, and 24-hour operations that can be accessed via mobile apps and websites are the perfect way for the modern consumer to gamble. 

This leaves casinos with a problem, and some are going to extreme lengths to win over their customers.

Luxury Resorts

While improving technology is now able to give online consumers immersive betting experiences, some casinos understand that they can offer a luxury that won't be experienced on mobile devices.

Visiting a luxury casino is an assault on the senses with bright lights, the sounds of machines and bettors, and the smells of high-class dining experiences on offer.

Singapore, Las Vegas, Monaco, and countless other famous locations provide high-rollers with the status associated with locations that would not look out of place in James Bond movies.

High-end casinos that are part of a luxury resort provide an unforgettable experience and attract the rich and famous.

Five-star luxury resorts are the ideal solution for people who want to get away from high-pressure jobs and careers, and integrated casinos provide a fun way to unwind.

VIP Programmes

Online operators are working in an extremely competitive market, and one of the best ways to stand out from competitors and attract new customers is to provide the best incentives. Sign-up deals and other offers are commonplace in online casinos, and consumers have come to expect it.

While online casinos might offer deals like deposit matching, improved odds, and free spins, retail casinos have been known to offer VIP programs for high rollers that eclipse these deals.

Regular customers who spend over a certain threshold can be invited to join these programs that offer prizes and benefits that include first-class flights and complimentary accommodation in presidential suites.

Casino Assistants

Online bettors enjoy the convenience and can log into their accounts any time of the day or night to place bets or play their favorite casino games. Luxury casino resorts offer convenience to their high-rollers in a different way.

Dedicated casino assistants who are available 24/7 are on hand to make sure valued customers have whatever they need. Assistants will help with everything from booking restaurants and spa treatments to organizing private games and booking flights.


Pretty much anyone will have the ability to bet online as long as they are of age, in a location that allows betting, and they can meet the minimum stake. Betting in casinos can be different, and the status attached to being invited to exclusive games can be worth the visit alone.

High-profile customers can also enjoy the privacy afforded by private games and they will also meet other high-profile gamblers while they are at it.


While much has been made about the threat of online casinos to retail operations, the truth is that there is a market for both. 

Online betting is a more convenient option and offshore crypto gambling sites provide betting opportunities for people who live in states without legalized operations.

Retail casinos provide consumers with a more social experience, and in the case of high rollers, a more luxurious one.

As more states begin to legalize online casinos, more options will open up to all levels of consumers. Operators who are able to offer online and in-person betting opportunities could find themselves in the best position over time.

How Casinos Can Compete Against Convenient Online Alternatives
How casinos have influenced the world of luxury

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