How to design a garden for entertaining

How to design a garden for entertaining

Spending plenty of quality time with your loved ones is one of the best things in life. If you have a large family or social circle it can be difficult to find space to host them all. Rather than spending money on hiring a venue or restaurant, why not transform your garden into an entertaining space?

Here are some tips to make your garden the perfect place to entertain friends and family.

Divide the entertaining space up

Your garden needs to be somewhere that you can enjoy quietly every day as well as transform into a garden party. Look at the space you have and decide how much of it you want to dedicate to different activities. 

Start by creating activity zones. For example, one part can be calm, comfortable seating and another could be for lawn games and dancing. Lighting is a great way to highlight specific areas. Use solar garden lights to help guests identify pathways and flowerbeds as well as to light up the garden as the evening draws in.

Comfortable seating options

Comfortable seating is a must for any form of garden entertainment. Whether it is to relax and catch up or to rest weary feet after dancing, your guests will thank you for a plush seat. 

As the seating will be outdoors, invest in some durable pieces that can withstand the British weather if they are left outside. Removable cushions mean you can protect them from the rain by storing them inside.

Bar area

If you have the space, a bar area is the perfect hub for your guests to socialise around. A bar will be the focal point of your garden as well as providing space to make drinks and serve food. 

You could use an existing shed to create your bar. With the bonus of plenty of storage, a shed will also shelter you should it begin to rain. Cut out a serving hatch and you are ready to provide top-tier service to rival your local pub.

Outdoor fire pit

As the sun begins to set the temperature outside does drop. A fire pit is a good way to keep your guests warm and comfortable. You could locate it in amongst your comfortable seating to enhance the ambience of the area and encourage your loved ones to chat into the night. 

Fire pits also have the advantage of being an eco-friendlier option than other garden heaters. Use burning materials that have emissions in mind such as Ecoal, which produces up to 40% less carbon than other coals.

Use plants and greenery to your advantage

Plants and greenery in a garden may seem obvious, but there are more benefits to keeping them in check when you are entertaining. 

If you have neighbours who are close by, taller hedges or plants will afford you a level of privacy for your gatherings. They will also help to muffle the sound, keeping your community happy! 

Strategically picking plants can also help to keep bugs away from the food area of your garden, for example. Citronella grass is used to make candles and is an excellent bug repellent. Rosemary, basil and lemongrass are also great natural pesticides and will be useful around your cooking area.

How to design a garden for entertaining
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