How to Find the Owner of Property by Address for Free

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Have you ever been curious about who owns a property? Or perhaps you’re moving to a new neighborhood, and you want to learn more about your neighbors before you purchase a home. While your real estate agent can tell you a lot, or you can ask around, what if we told you there's a better way? Read on to learn more about how to find the owner of a property by address for free.

Can You Find the Owner of a Property by Address for Free?

Yes, you can find the owner of a property address for free. The owner of a property address is a public record, so you can search through public databases or visit local and state offices to learn more about the owner. If you want to find information about a property, it just comes down to asking the right people or using the right tools.

Five Ways to Find the Owner of Property by Address for Free

Dozens of tools will help you find the owner of a property address for free. Unfortunately, some of these tools will end up wasting your time, bombarding you with advertisements, or charging you right before you access what you’re looking for. To prevent you from wasting your time and money, we've gathered some of the best tools possible to find the owner of a property address for free. Learn more below.

1. UnMask 

When you want to find the owner of a property by address for free, you can't go wrong with UnMask. It's a public records search tool that has the ability to comb through public records across the United States. Instead of being limited to one database at a time, UnMask allows you to search through all of the important ones in one go. This can save you time, money, and, of course, your sanity.

When you want to find information about an address, you'll want to use UnMask’s address lookup tool. To get started, simply enter your address into the search tool and let UnMask’s high-quality search engine do the rest. Once it gathers the results, it creates a full report that includes information like:

  • The name of a property owner

  • Businesses that own a property 

  • Sex offender status of people who live on a property 

  • Contact information 

  • Liens 

  • Tax information 

  • Home value

Depending on the property, UnMask can help you find some or all of this information.

2. County Clerk 

The county clerk is responsible for keeping records about properties in their jurisdiction. They maintain records for titles, deeds, property owners, property tax information, and even liens on the property. For this reason, they're a great resource to use if you want to find out who owns a property by address for free. All you have to do is visit the office and present the clerk with the information. Additionally, some offices have resources available online or even a phone number you can call.

3. Library 

When you want to search through public databases, libraries are your best friends. These are great resources because librarians can point you in the right direction and help you choose the right databases. Make sure you visit the library in the area where the property is located for the best results. That said, it's important to note that some libraries may require a library card to access this information.

4. Real Estate Agents 

Real estate agents are a great resource if you’re looking for information about a home. They can access most public records quickly, and they won't charge you. The only drawback is that they will expect you to work with them in return, so it's best to only go this route if you’re interested in purchasing a property. Mortgage brokers and insurance brokers also fit into this category of people you can ask, but only in some circumstances.

5. Ask the Owner 

One of the best ways to discover who owns a property by address for free is to ask the owner. If you live in the neighborhood or it's someone in your apartment building, knocking on the door and asking can't hurt. You can also try asking around other people in the building or neighborhood to see if they know anything about the property. While it's not the most efficient method, it's worth a try.

Find the Owner of a Property Address for Free Today!

Finding the owner of a property address for free has never been easier. Plenty of state, local, and third-party tools will help you find anything that's a public record about a property. We recommend starting with a well-rounded third-party tool like UnMask and then expanding your search into state and local databases.

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