No More Hiding: Embracing Passions with Confidence and Elegance

From Classroom to Catwalk: Megan Daly's Journey of Self-Discovery and Passion
Megan Daly
Megan DalyPhoto Courtesy Megan Daly

A Whimsical Decision at 40

As I approach my 40s, the decision to enter a bikini contest may seem whimsical, yet it marks a profound transformation in my life. For most of my adult years, I have been an elementary school teacher in Boston, a role that necessitated a modest and private persona. However, I have always harbored dreams beyond the classroom, such as becoming a DJ. Despite my weekend gigs, I kept this passion hidden from colleagues, leading a double life that prevented me from fully embracing who I wanted to be.

The Power of Saying 'Yes'

This all changed when I harnessed the power of saying "Yes." Determined to pursue my passions without fear, I decided to move to Miami. The drive down the East Coast, watching the landscape transition to palm trees, felt surreal. Although I continued teaching kindergarten on Fisher Island, the vibrant and alluring city of Miami provided a backdrop for my new, unapologetically authentic life.

A Flourishing DJ Career

In Miami, my DJ career flourished Performing at one of the hottest clubs on the beach, I quickly made connections that led to gigs at art shows, fashion events, and exclusive parties. Yet, from 8 am to 4 pm, I remained "Ms. Daly," maintaining my teacher persona while exploring new dimensions of my identity. I also began teaching yoga and volunteering with homeless cats, balancing my time between personal passions and giving back to the community.

Megan Daly DJ
Megan Daly DJPhoto Courtesy Megan Daly

An Encounter with Confidence

One sunny afternoon, while DJing on a 120-foot yacht, I met Jovana, a captivating Eastern European beauty with an enviable confidence. A former Miss Bikini Montenegro Fitness titleholder, Jovana introduced me to the world of fitness pageantry for women over 30. The idea of competing seemed audacious, but it also felt like an opportunity for growth and empowerment, particularly for a woman in her late 30s.

Megan Daly
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Diving into Pageantry

Encouraged by Jovana, I plunged into the world of pageantry. Under her guidance, I participated in practice photoshoots and rigorous training sessions. Initially, posing felt awkward, but seeing the photographs instilled a newfound sense of self-love. For the first time, I felt truly comfortable in my own skin, shedding the fear of others' opinions.

Embracing Glitz and Glamour

As I prepare for the Miss Bikini South Beach Fitness competition Wednesday, July 10 @ 7:00pm at the Sagamore hotel, I have embraced the glitz and glamour of pageantry. The process involves not just aesthetics but also a journey of self-discovery and vulnerability. From selecting elegant gowns to perfecting my runway walk, I have learned that authenticity and confidence are paramount.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

My journey to the crown is about more than winning; it is about saying "Yes" to life and embracing every facet of my identity. Follow my journey to the Miss Bikini South Beach Fitness crown (Megan Daly - Pageant Planet) on Instagram @djmdaly.


Approaching 40, Megan Daly embraces her passions by moving to Miami, balancing her teaching career with a flourishing DJ life and newfound confidence in fitness pageantry.

Megan Daly
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