Chef & Guests at Celebration of Jeffrey Beers Event
Chef & Guests at Celebration of Jeffrey Beers EventMatt Borkowski/

Honoring a Legend: Celebration of Life for Renowned Architect Jeffrey Beers

Architectural Community Gathers to Celebrate Jeffrey Beers' Lasting Legacy

On June 27, 2024, the architectural and hospitality communities came together on a memorable Tuesday evening at Hudson Yards to celebrate the life and legacy of the distinguished New York City architect, Jeffrey Beers. Over 300 guests attended the heartfelt event at Estiatorio Milos Hudson Yards, sharing tributes and memories of a man whose innovative designs left an indelible mark on the industry.

Guests at Celebration of Jeffrey Beers Event
Guests at Celebration of Jeffrey Beers EventZach Hilty/

A Tribute to Jeffrey Beers

Jeffrey Beers was celebrated for his unique aesthetic, blending modernism with artisanal techniques, creating spaces that were both elegant and inviting. The event featured thoughtfully prepared fare by renowned chefs, including Chef Costas Spiliadis, Chef Daniel Boulud, Chef Michael Lomonaco, and the iconic Brooklyn steakhouse, Peter Luger.

Modern & Artisanal Decor at Celebration of Jeffrey Beers Event
Modern & Artisanal Decor at Celebration of Jeffrey Beers EventZach Hilty/

Remembering Jeffrey's Life and Work

Throughout the evening, guests explored displays that reflected different chapters of Jeffrey's life, showcasing his core interests and passions. From his love of the sea and glassblowing to his work, family, and travels, the seven chapters provided a comprehensive look at the man behind the designs. A special display highlighted his early years, offering a glimpse into his childhood and developmental years.

Glassblowing Artist at Celebration of Jeffrey Beers Event
Glassblowing Artist at Celebration of Jeffrey Beers EventMatt Borkowski/
Chef & Guests at Celebration of Jeffrey Beers Event
Celebrating Jeffrey Beers International: Architectural Artistry and a Legacy of Innovation

Tributes from Industry Icons

Chef Costas Spiliadis, founder of estiatorio Milos, expressed his admiration and fond memories of Jeffrey: “Jeffrey Beers was more than a colleague; he was a dear friend whose work left a lasting impression not only on our restaurants but on the entire hospitality industry worldwide. Hosting Jeffrey’s Celebration of Life at Milos is an immense honor as it allows us to cherish his legacy surrounded by friends and loved ones who were touched by his remarkable talent and generous spirit in a space close to his heart. Jeffrey’s extraordinary contributions and friendships will forever be remembered and celebrated.”

Chef Daniel Boulud shared his experiences working with Jeffrey over the years: “I had the pleasure of working with Jeffrey on many projects over a couple of decades starting with our first restaurant together, DB Bistro. We continued with projects in Las Vegas, Singapore, Miami, and most recently the design of Café Boulud New York. Jeffrey was an artist with a brilliant mind, always pairing classic elegance with contemporary design. He was a passionate and talented architect who led and mentored the next generation with brilliance and good taste, and they will continue to carry on his legacy. Jeffrey was generous, kind, and fun to work with, and the entire hospitality industry misses him dearly.”

Chef Michael Lomonaco reflected on Jeffrey's impact and personality: “Jeffrey's endearing and warm personality made him a joy to know. I felt so lucky to have the opportunity to work with him on Porter House 18 years ago. His love for hospitality and restaurants made the design process exciting and never like work at all. His witty asides, great humor, and sunny smile made even the toughest meetings a pleasure. He brought so much creativity and enthusiasm to each project we worked on together. Jeffrey's generosity and kindness made everyone feel welcome and valued. As a talented architect and designer, Jeffrey could transform a client’s sketchy ideas into detailed, nuanced projects perfectly suited to their needs. His vision and infectious enthusiasm kept projects moving forward to achieve lasting success.”

Daniel Turtel, VP at Peter Luger Steak House, emphasized Jeffrey's understanding of space and atmosphere: “Jeffrey Beers understood how the space and atmosphere of a restaurant interact and knew what the critical elements are that give a restaurant its feeling. He and his team used that understanding to perfectly recreate the century-old Brooklyn charm of Peter Luger in a brand-new space in Las Vegas. His legacy will carry on through all of the legendary restaurants he’s designed across the world.”

Guests at Celebration of Jeffrey Beers Event
Guests at Celebration of Jeffrey Beers EventMatt Borkowski/

A Legacy of Inspiration

Prior to the main event, an intimate pre-gathering of family, friends, and the Jeffrey Beers International (JBI) studio took place at BondST Hudson Yards. The gathering featured some of Jeffrey’s favorite seafood fare, honoring his love of fishing, with remarks from his eldest son, Justin Beers, who has joined the company as a Managing Member. Justin shared, “My family and I are incredibly grateful for the generosity, support, and love shown this evening. While my father is greatly missed, we hope his legacy will continue to inspire and guide all those who worked with him and generations of other architects and designers to come. I am incredibly proud of the continued effort and drive of everyone at JBI while simultaneously enduring such a significant loss. As he would say if he were here, ‘never give up, don’t ever give up.’

Guests at Celebration of Jeffrey Beers Event
Guests at Celebration of Jeffrey Beers EventZach Hilty/

Continuing Jeffrey's Legacy

Jeffrey Beers, the Founder and CEO of Jeffrey Beers International, passed away on March 18 after a long battle with cancer. His work is remembered for designing several of New York’s most vibrant places, including Jay Z’s 40/40 Club, Café Boulud New York, BondST Hudson Yards, and Porter House Bar & Grill. His influence extended globally, with designs for internationally renowned restaurants, hotels, resorts, and residences such as estiatorio Milos Dubai and Peter Luger Las Vegas.

For nearly 40 years, Jeffrey was a dedicated member of the board at UrbanGlass, a non-profit organization in downtown Brooklyn, and served on the board of the Allen-Stevenson School for close to 15 years. In lieu of flowers, his family has asked for donations to be made to The Jeffrey Beers Memorial Fund at UrbanGlass.

Jeffrey Beers’ legacy will continue to inspire and influence the world of architecture and design for generations to come.


Over 300 guests gathered at Hudson Yards on June 27, 2024, to celebrate the life of renowned architect Jeffrey Beers. The event, featuring tributes and displays of his work, highlighted his significant contributions to architecture and hospitality.

Chef & Guests at Celebration of Jeffrey Beers Event
Legacy of Leadership: Honoring Jeffrey Beers (1956-2024)

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