Mercedes Benz Places: A New Era of Luxury Living in Brickell

New Development: A groundbreaking project that's reshaping real estate in Miami's top neighborhood.

In Miami's thriving Brickell financial district, a neighborhood that I love to call home, is about to expand with a new symbol of luxury that's rising to extraordinary heights. Mercedes Benz Places, a groundbreaking development by Mercedes-Benz and JDS Development Group, is set to tower over the city in 2027—promising a unique blend of sophistication, innovation, and high-end luxury living.

It almost seems as if Mercedes Benz Places was designed with our growing population, G-Wagon trend, and the modern movement in mind. It truly is a unique project that's a perfect fit for successful entrepreneurs who seek brilliance in our city's bright lights. With 67 stories of spacious residences and world-class amenities, this project is not just a residence: it's a statement of prestige and power on every level.

Mercedes Benz Places
Mercedes Benz PlacesJDS Development Group

Mercedez Trending Popularity 

In fact, this new development project aligns impeccably with the iconic status of their popular Mercedez Benz G-Class on the streets of Miami—a true vision to the city's affinity for luxury and style. The choice of location for the building, situated in a premier neighborhood, will be distinguished by its own classic creations. Pretty fitting, if you ask me.

Mercedez Benz G-Class in Miami
Mercedez Benz G-Class in MiamiiStock / Felix Mizioznikov

Here's a fact that I can confidently share: As you stroll down Miami Avenue you are almost guaranteed to see at least two or more of these trending SUV's, underscoring the high expectations and sophisticated tastes of Brickell's successful residents. They truly are the ideal clientele for this exquisite new residential skyscraper, which seamlessly fits with the area's economic surge.

Brickell, Miami
Brickell, MiamiiStock /
Mercedes Benz Places
Belle Vista at Brickell House: A Sky-High Luxury Penthouse That Shines Bright Like Diamond

Investment Potential

Mercedes Benz Places isn't just offering glamorous condominiums; it provides an investment into a fabulous lifestyle of unparalleled luxury.

Mercedes Benz Places
Mercedes Benz PlacesJDS Development Group

With condo prices ranging from $1.2 million to over $2.6 million, the property presents an opportunity for substantial appreciation due to its prime location and the reputation of the significant Mercedes-Benz brand name.

1133 SW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33130
1133 SW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33130Google Maps

The building ensures that residents not only invest in a real estate advantage that will continue to grow, but in a lifestyle that is exclusive as well as highly esteemed by its surroundings.

We want to develop exclusive residences with our partner that are undeniably Mercedes-Benz and create a new mode of urban living with vibrant communities. Ultimately, we want to create places to come home to in a location worth living in.

Eva Wiese, head of Mercedes-Benz customer solutions

Tapping into the pulse of Miami’s economic boom, influenced by industries like finance, tourism, and real estate, makes it a magnet for both domestic and international investors alike.

Mercedes Benz Places
Mercedes Benz PlacesJDS Development Group

Luxurious Living Accommodations 

Residents of Mercedes Benz Places can choose from a variety of layouts ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms, each providing panoramic views of Miami’s skyline and Brickell’s dazzling urban landscape. The residences will be designed with 10-foot-high ceilings, sleek kitchen fixtures, and stainless-steel appliances, providing opulence at every step.

Mercedes Benz Places
Mercedes Benz PlacesJDS Development Group

The amenities at Mercedes Benz Places are equally lavish, featuring a full-service restaurant, a state-of-the-art fitness center, spa, and even a banquet hall, asserting the concept of what luxury living should be.

Mercedes Benz Places
Mercedes Benz PlacesJDS Development Group

Available Condos at Mercedes Benz Places Miami

Embrace these once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunities into a lifestyle where luxury meets legacy.

1 Bedroom Units

Unit 3207: $1,183,900 for 830 sq ft ($1,426 per sq ft)

Unit 5610: $1,446,900 for 803 sq ft ($1,802 per sq ft)

2 Bedroom Units

Unit 5208: $1,631,900 for 1067 sq ft ($1,529 per sq ft)

Unit 6402: $2,124,900 for 1332 sq ft ($1,595 per sq ft)

3 Bedroom Units

Unit 3216: $2,613,900 for 1640 sq ft ($1,594 per sq ft)

Unit 3201: $2,645,900 for 2116 sq ft ($1,250 per sq ft)

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