Why Miami is a Much Hipper Place to Live Than You May Have Heard

Why Miami is a Much Hipper Place to Live Than You May Have Heard

If the beaches and bustling big city lifestyle of Miami have you considering a move here, you’ll be happily surprised by just how hip a city it is, too. From its cool beach communities to its thriving arts and culture scene and regular festivals, Miami is one of the hottest places to live in the US. And we’re not just talking about the temperature.

Year-Round Sunshine and a Relaxed Lifestyle

The all-year glorious weather that Miami enjoys, combined with its relaxed, beach-life vibe, makes it one of the hippest places to live in the US.  The miles of beautiful beaches and clear water mean you can enjoy a wide range of watersports, including kayaking, diving, jet skiing, and swimming, and there’s a vibrant surfing community here, too. Beach volleyball, deep sea fishing, and boating are also big news for tourists and locals alike. Miami residents love keeping themselves in shape, and you’ll find plenty of yoga studios, biking trails, tennis courts, gyms, and golf courses here.

It’s the laid-back lifestyle that really makes Miami such a popular place to live, however. People here aren’t in the sort of rush as they are in other cities, and events seem to start later in the evening. If you’re fifteen minutes late in Miami, you’re considered to have arrived on time.

Thriving Culture and Arts Scene

It may not be widely known, but Miami enjoys a vibrant culture and arts scene. The city is host to regular festivals all throughout the year, including the 305-Day Block Party, the Calle Ocho Music Festival, the Art Deco Weekend, and the Beaux Art Festival. Not to mention a plethora of fabulous restaurants offering a variety of cuisines.

The music, fashion, and film scenes are also thriving, and Miami has several performing arts conservatories and orchestras, such as the New World School of Art, the Florida Grand Opera, and the Frost School of Music.

Amazing Nightlife

Miami enjoys an incredible nightlife scene, further boosting its hip credentials. You’ll find trendy rooftop bars, laid-back beach bars, and high-end nightclubs throughout the city, as well as a range of music venues. And it doesn’t just kick off on the weekend: in Miami, the nightlife is on seven days a week.

Want an extra fun experience? How about taking in a nighttime party boat cruise, riding the Observation Wheel to enjoy stunning evening city views, listening to some chilled-out nighttime jazz, or hopping on an open bus tour for a dusk ride around Miami?

Tax-Free Living

Do you know something that’s definitely not hip? Income tax. But if you move to Miami, you’ll pay no state income tax at all. This could save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year and is a major draw for those seeking a home in the city. When figuring out how expensive, in real terms, life in Miami is likely to be, take into account these potential tax savings to get the most accurate picture possible.

Is Miami an Affordable City to Live?

It may be a hip place to live, but how affordable is Miami in terms of cost of living? Compared to the rest of the US, Miami has relatively high rent and house prices, along with a high cost of living. However, if you’re considering moving to the city from Washington DC, San Francisco, or New York, you’ll probably make a saving and find day-to-day life considerably cheaper.

As with everywhere, some parts of the city are more affordable to live in than others. If you’re looking for a bargain, steer clear of the city center, business centers, and beach areas, where prices will be steep. Instead, look at homes for rent on the outskirts of the city. You’ll have a longer commute, but the upside of this is cheaper rent. Coconut Grove, Little Havana, and Kendall are all good areas to check out.

Don’t forget to sort out renters insurance if you’re planning on renting a pad in Miami. While the cost of many other services and utilities may be fairly high, the average cost of renters insurance in Miami is $16/month, which will have your wallet breathing a sigh of relief.

Welcome to Miami!

Miami offers so much to its residents. Whatever you’re looking for - relaxed beach life, a vibrant night scene, or regularly held festivals and cultural events - you’ll find it in Miami. While the cost to rent and buy is relatively high here, there are affordable places to be found on the outskirts of the city. While an easy commute to the center, there are some great neighborhoods on the edge of Miami, which are friendly and boast a strong sense of community. And as for hipness? It might not be common knowledge, but the Magic City is one of the very coolest places to live in the US.

Why Miami is a Much Hipper Place to Live Than You May Have Heard
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