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Unveiling the Winter Edition of RESIDENT

A Celebration of Luxury, Style, and Innovation
Unveiling the Winter Edition of RESIDENT

In a city where the sun kisses the skyline and the ocean's blue mirrors the limitless possibilities, RESIDENT proudly presents our much-anticipated Luxury Home and Real Estate Issue. This edition is a celebration of opulence and architectural mastery, showcasing the finest in luxury living against the vibrant backdrop of Miami's dynamic landscape. Join us as we explore exclusive developments, innovative trends, and the art of upscale living in one of the world's most sought-after real estate destinations.

Delve into the Stories, Interviews and Insights Right Here

Building the Future of Miami: A Conversation with David Martin of Terra

A conversation with renowned Miami Real Estate Developer David Martin, founder of Terra.

Delve into the world of Miami Real Estate Developer David Martin, founder of Terra. Discover how his groundbreaking projects are reshaping the skyline and redefining luxury living.

DeUna Holdings: Bringing Sustainable Luxury Homes to The Hamptons

An In-Depth Conversation with Hezi Mena and Stefano Braganti

Join us in an in-depth conversation with Hezi Mena and Stefano Braganti of DEUNA HOLDINGS, as they unveil their vision for sustainable luxury homes in the prestigious Hamptons.

The Man Behind Avi & Co.'s First Private-Label Watches

Avi Hiaeve, Founder and CEO Opens a New Store in the Miami Design District

Step into the world of luxury watches with the man behind AVI & CO.'s first private-label watches, and explore his new store in the Miami Design District.

Unlocking Wealth: A Conversation with Grant Cardone

'The Wealth Creation Formula' and Beyond

Gain invaluable insights from Grant Cardone as he reveals his 'Wealth Creation Formula' and beyond, offering a roadmap to financial freedom and success.

A Journey Through Timeless Elegance

Unveiling the Luxuries of Greece and Italy

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through Greece and Italy, unveiling the hidden luxuries and timeless elegance of these enchanting destinations.

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NYC’s Hidden Gems: Where to Stay and Dine

Discover the best spots to stay and dine in NYC’s vibrant Meatpacking District, making your holiday season in the city unforgettable.


Catwalk for a Cause

Experience the excitement and altruism at the BALMAIN FASHION SHOW CATWALK FOR CHARITY, where fashion meets philanthropy in a spectacular showcase.

Milan's Fashion Majestique

From the glamorous runways of Milan Fashion Week, we bring you the latest fashion trends. Witness the marriage of haute couture and innovative design that sets the stage for the upcoming year.

The Ultimate Luxury Gift Guide

Prepare for the holiday season with our Ultimate Luxury Gift Guide, featuring a curated selection of exquisite gifts that promise to make your celebrations truly memorable.


This winter, let RESIDENT guide you through a world where luxury, style, and innovation converge. Each story is a testament to the beauty of living a life adorned with the finest experiences. Welcome to our winter wonderland of grandeur.

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