Experience the Best of February: Access the Digital Issue Now

From Culinary Delights to Cultural Lights: A February to Remember
Experience the Best of February: Access the Digital Issue Now

Welcome to our vibrant February edition of Resident Magazine. This month's issue is filled with culinary wonders, luxurious living, and rich cultural experiences. It’s all about celebrating the moments that make life extraordinary.

Our cover feature is Lee Schrager, the genius behind the South Beach Wine and Food Festival (SOBEWFF®). We dive into Lee's world, showcasing how his vision brings people together over great food and wine. It's not just about the eats; it's about the stories behind the dishes and the community that makes it all happen.

Miami's not just our backdrop; it's a character in our story. This issue takes you inside the city's prime luxury real estate, where dream homes are a reality. We're also proud to spotlight the Black Arts Movement with features on The Brooklyn Museum and the Harlem Fine Arts Show, celebrating the impact and beauty of African American art and culture.

Experience the Best of February: Access the Digital Issue Now
Culinary Rebel with a Cause: Chef Tom Aviv's Journey from MasterChef Israel to Branja Miami

Miami Fashion Week – we're zooming in on how it's championing sustainability and diversity, pushing the fashion world towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

So, grab your favorite spot and settle in. This issue is a journey through the flavors, sights, and stories that define our community and culture.

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