Grand Debut: Aston Martin Residences Officially Elevate Miami’s Luxury Living

Aston Martin Residences Miami: A Momentous Two-Day Event Marks the Completion and Welcoming of Residents to Their New Luxury Homes.
Aston Martin Residences Miami
Aston Martin Residences Miami Aston Martin Residences

The doors have officially opened to the premier sky-high development project, Aston Martin Residences Miami, set in the most picturesque and coveted part of the city.

Entrance Aston Martin Residences

The opening of Aston Martin Residences Miami at 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way in downtown Miami, during the week of the Formula 1® Miami Grand Prix, is the latest distinct expression of Aston Martin’s ultra-luxury high performance brand.

Aston Martin Residences Building
Aston Martin Residences BuildingAston Martin Residences

This monumental occasion was celebrated over two exhilarating days, filled with commendations and libations for everyone involved in the project from its inception to completion.

The back-to-back celebrations not only marked the completion of this landmark development but also honored the collaborative partnerships and dedication of the teams that brought this vision to life.

Aston Martin Residences Building
Aston Martin Residences BuildingAston Martin Residences

Celebrating Innovation and Luxury

On April 30th, Miami witnessed a landmark moment as Aston Martin and G&G Business Developments unfurled the grandeur of the Aston Martin Residences with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

We are delighted to have extended our expertise in design and craftsmanship into a project of this stature. Such ventures enable us to further grow our creative experience and expertise and expand Aston Martin into new aspects of the ultra-luxury world that appeal to both our existing and future customers.

Marek Reichman, Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of Aston Martin

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, Marek Reichman, German Coto
Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, Marek Reichman, German CotoWorld Red Eye

Reaching this important milestone makes me and my family proud to develop products that change people’s lives and have a positive impact on the city, while protecting and respecting the natural environment. Our love for beauty and passion for excellence is perfectly translated into the Aston Martin Residences that is redefining the Miami skyline.

Germán Coto, CEO of G&G Business Developments

This elegant 66-story tower, situated at the prestigious meeting point of the Miami River and Biscayne Bay, marks a pioneering venture into ultra-luxury real estate by the esteemed British brand.

Entrance Aston Martin Residences

A New Miami Milestone

Designed by the renowned architect Rodolfo Miani alongside Aston Martin's visionary design team, the Residences offer more than just fabulous luxury homes; they present a glamorous Miami lifestyle.

Interior Aston Martin Residences

Extending beyond mere architectural feats, Aston Martin Residences offer an array of 'Sky Amenities' across four levels, including a dual-level fitness center, an art gallery, and a sumptuous infinity pool with panoramic views that encapsulate the essence of Miami.

Interior Aston Martin Residences

These spaces, designed with Aston Martin’s hallmark elegance, ensure that residents can enjoy a lifestyle steeped in luxury without ever leaving their building.

Interior Aston Martin Residences

Each of the 391 condominiums, 99% of which were sold prior to completion, features elements crafted by Aston Martin's designers, from modern door handles to kestrel tan leather accents, embodying a continuity of the brand’s heritage of elegance and performance.

Building Entrance
Building Entrance Aston Martin Residences
Aston Martin Residences Miami
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The Grand Celebration: A Night to Remember

On May 1st, the grand opening announcement carried on with a spectacular party aboard the SeaFair mega-yacht, an iconic $40 million vessel designed by Luis De Basto. This superb yacht provided a fitting counterpart to the architectural masterpiece that it celebrated.

Aston Martin Grand Opening Event
Aston Martin Grand Opening Event World Red Eye

As a privileged attendee, I was immediately immersed in an ambiance of exclusivity and high glamour from the moment I stepped onto the green carpet, joining a fabulous list of guests.

Each deck was buzzing with activity, hosting bars and a continuous array of gourmet offerings such as succulent filet mignon bites, perfectly seasoned lamb, and crispy cauliflower puffs, all complemented by premium top-shelf beverages.

The music at the sky deck brought everyone together as the DJ spun back-to-back hits, setting a vibrant backdrop for the evening's honorable accomplishment.

Ambiance World Red Eye

The guest list read like a who’s who of the industry, with attendees dressed to the nines, mingling, and having the time of their lives.

The celebration did more than just mark the completion of a monumental project; it encapsulated the epitome of the lifestyle promised by the Aston Martin Residences.

This event not only highlighted the architectural and design achievements of the building but also showcased the luxurious, high-performance lifestyle that residents can expect.

Gullermo Calcano, Marcelo Rocchetti, Aldredo & Gloria Coto, Sebastian Cordoba, & Ricardo Miller
Gullermo Calcano, Marcelo Rocchetti, Aldredo & Gloria Coto, Sebastian Cordoba, & Ricardo MillerWorld Red Eye

It was such a pleasure to mingle with successful and influential figures such as Blake Murphy of Coastal Construction, who shared a quick comment on the collaborative effort that made such a grand vision a reality.

It's the success of the team that makes it all happen.

Blake Murphy, Vice President of Field Operations at Coastal Construction

Coastal Construction Team
Coastal Construction TeamCoastal Construction

The Future of Aston Martin in Real Estate

As the evening drew to a close and the fireworks went off in a distance, it was clear that Aston Martin's venture into real estate would continue to push boundaries and redefine luxury living in Miami and beyond.

FireworksWorld Red Eye

The Aston Martin Residences not only add a new dimension to Miami's skyline but also invite its residents to live a legacy of luxury, crafted with the precision and passion synonymous with its name.

As the new homeowners begin their lives in these exceptional million-dollar condominiums, they are not merely investing in property but in a lifestyle that promises to be as dynamic and driven as the Aston Martin spirit itself.

Cheers to Aston Martin and everyone who participated in making this marvelous vision come to life!

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