Okan Tower: From Jetson's to Reality

Five-Star Living: Downtown's New Skyscraper Development Brings Futuristic Dreams to Life.
Okan Tower
Okan TowerFortune International Realty

Imagine a world where daily life unfolds in sky-high homes supported by adjustable columns, and families zip around in aerocars under transparent bubble tops.

The Jetsons
The JetsonsPinterest

This isn’t just the setting of The Jetsons, an iconic American animated sitcom by Hanna-Barbera that first aired in 1962; it’s becoming a tangible reality with the rise of Okan Tower in downtown Miami.

Okan Tower
Okan TowerFortune International Realty

As the latest addition to the city’s skyline, Okan Tower reflects the Googie-style architecture and space-age conveniences once envisioned for the Jetson family—right down to the push-button luxuries and high-rise living.

Okan Tower
Okan TowerFortune International Realty

Here Comes the Boom: Construction in Miami

With big names like Waldorf Astoria, Casa Bella, and E11EVEN Residences also on the rise, it's clear that Miami is on the verge of a major transformation.

These new luxury condos are dominating conversations, and for good reason. With amenities like steam rooms, jacuzzies, and even movie theaters that make traditional home chores seem obsolete, it's clear why many are drawn to this life of luxury.

Waldorf Astoria
Waldorf AstoriaFortune International Realty

Step Into the Future with Okan Tower

Now, let's focus on the architectural centerpiece—Okan Tower. Situated at 555 N. Miami Avenue, this 70-story skyscraper is more than just another massive structure in downtown Miami. This new development project is the future!

Rooftop Pool
Rooftop PoolFortune International Realty

Designed by the visionary Behar Font & Partners, its glass exterior showcases clean curves and a futuristic style, embodying a modern design that's both striking and simplistic.

Okan Tower
Okan TowerFortune International Realty

Living the High Life

Okan Tower embodies the essence of contemporary luxury living. It features 163 Sky Residences beginning on the 51st floor and 236 Condo-Hotel Residences starting from the 36th floor. This skyscraper is more than just a place to live; it promises high-end luxury housing for the elite of Miami.

Dining Room
Dining RoomFortune International Realty

Every detail in Okan Tower speaks to grandiosity, from dedicated high-speed elevators that ensure swift access to various floors to ceilings that stretch over 10 feet high providing bright natural light.

KitchenFortune International Realty
BedroomFortune International Realty

The design choices echo a commitment to spacious and luxurious urban living at its finest to those who dare to live on the sky's.

BathroomFortune International Realty
Okan Tower
Miami's Architectural Renaissance: A $120M Penthouse Sets a New Era of Luxury Living

Five-Star Hilton Hotel & Resort Accommodations    

Okan Tower offers comprehensive hotel and condo services provided by Hilton Hotels & Resorts, ensuring a luxurious and convenient lifestyle for all. Being the most trusted global leader in hospitality, it's the perfect partnership to create a fabulous experience for everyone who enters its doors.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts has over 600 hotels and resorts across six continents.

Residents enjoy 24-hour security, valet parking, in-room dining and spa treatments, along with professional housekeeping and dedicated maintenance staff.

LobbyFortune International Realty

The hotel residences at Okan Tower blend sophistication with functionality, offering homes that are as luxurious as they are comfortable. Each unit features modern aesthetics with top-tier finishes, open living spaces, and breathtaking views of Miami.

Hotel Kitchen & Living Room
Hotel Kitchen & Living RoomFortune International Realty

Additionally, the building houses a gourmet restaurant, multiple bars, a café, conference facilities, and over 4,500 square feet of ballroom space for private events.

BarFortune International Realty

Amenities That Rival a Resort

For the Sky Residence owners, it's like having a luxury resort at your doorstep. Homeowners can enjoy not only the comfort of their exquisite condos but also the lavish perks of a premier five-star hotel.

Rooftop Pool
Rooftop PoolFortune International Realty

Imagine lounging by a rooftop pool that offers 360 views of the bay and the city, or hitting a state-of-the-art fitness center that includes everything from Peloton bikes to a yoga studio.

27th Floor Pool & Lounge Area
27th Floor Pool & Lounge AreaFortune International Realty
27th Floor Pool & Lounge Area
27th Floor Pool & Lounge AreaFortune International Realty
27th Floor Pool & Lounge Area
27th Floor Pool & Lounge AreaFortune International Realty

And after a workout, why not unwind in a sauna or steam room right in your building? What a treat!

Turkish Hamman
Turkish HammanFortune International Realty

The Heart of Miami's Culture

Location, location, location. Okan Tower stands in the beating heart of downtown Miami, making it ridiculously easy to dive into the local culture. Whether you're up for concerts, film festivals, or just a night out dining at top-notch restaurants, living here means you are just minutes away from everything.

555 N. Miami Avenue
555 N. Miami AvenueGoogle Maps

The Future Is Looking Bright

Whether you’re looking to invest in the property or just dreaming about a future where daily life feels like a sci-fi adventure, keep your eyes on this exciting new development. Miami’s skyline is changing, and with structures like Okan Tower, it’s clear that the future is now.

If you're working on a groundbreaking project, let us know. Miami's eager to see what's next, and so are we. After all, the sky's not the limit anymore; it's just the beginning.

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