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Inside the World of High-End Design: A Tribute to the Late Architectural Virtuoso, Jeffery Beers
Resident Spring Issue | Jeffery Beers Tribute
Resident Spring Issue | Jeffery Beers Tribute

As the season shifts into spring, we invite you to delve into a particularly poignant issue of Resident Magazine. Our Luxury Home and Real Estate edition pays homage to the legendary Jeffrey Beers—a mastermind whose visionary architectural designs have transformed the world's most vibrant restaurants, hotels, resorts, and residences.

Jeffrey Beers was more than an architectural designer; he was a visionary who wove emotion and artistry into the very fabric of his creations. His unique ability to merge functionality with unparalleled beauty marked his work as a cornerstone in the evolving world of luxury design. With profound respect and a heavy heart, we honor his enduring legacy, which continues to inspire and shape the landscape of modern luxury.

We encourage you to explore the full digital version of this issue, where you can experience these stories in-depth and connect with the spaces and faces that shape the luxury landscape.

This issue not only celebrates Jeffrey’s incredible contributions but also offers intimate insights from his leadership team, who share personal stories and reflections on his passionate approach to design and his relentless pursuit of excellence. These anecdotes reveal the man behind the grand designs—a mentor, an innovator, and a beloved figure in our industry.

Moreover, we feature interviews with distinguished interior designers, like DLT Interiors and Carola Pimentel whose innovative projects are redefining standards of luxury living. Their work, varied in style, is bound by a common thread of meticulous craftsmanship and extraordinary attention to detail.

Resident Spring Issue | Jeffery Beers Tribute
DLT Interiors: Transforming Spaces with Elegance

In our Real Estate section, we journey through iconic luxury properties that stand as testaments to innovative design. From serene waterfront estates to lavish urban retreats, these homes are more than structures—they are masterpieces that set the stage for future innovations in luxurious living.

This edition also includes exclusive interviews with trailblazers in fashion and the spirits industry, as well as features on world-renowned restaurants that align with our theme of transformative spaces—each offering unique, memorable experiences.

Resident Spring Issue | Jeffery Beers Tribute
Crafting Fior: The Journey of Major Eric Dominijanni

As you peruse this issue, may it spark inspiration and foster a deeper appreciation for the art of design and its profound influence on our lives. Let’s celebrate the beauty and innovation that surround us and continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in luxury living.

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