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It’s become common knowledge – even outside the food world – that the earth’s oceans have declining stockpiles of our favored fishes. Soon, we might see a future with no bluefin tuna, salmon or other high-end fish that America and the rest of the developed world (especially Japan) has come to adore. That is the thesis behind Seamore’s, an ever-expanding seafood restaurant in New York that’s recently opened its fourth location, its first in Brooklyn.


Founded by Michael Chernow in the summer of 2015, Seamore’s is known for excellent, healthy and delicious seafood. The concept behind this restaurant empire is that the fish is 100% sustainable, sourced as close to home as possible. Michael’s goal was to create restaurants that were approachable, comforting, and delicious, while still being environmentally sound.


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Having dined at their original location in Nolita, I knew what to expect: fresh fish, inventive combinations of flavor, personable staff and charming décor. And that’s exactly what I found at their newest location, on Water Street in Brooklyn. Stepping in the large restaurant, I was immediately struck both by its nod to the sea and how chic the space was.


As for the food, the portions were large and more importantly, of high quality. We started with scallop ceviche served with tiger’s milk, tropical fruit, coconut and sesame and tune poke with ponzu, peanut and avocado. During our visit, the scallop was not yet on the menu, but I’m glad to see that now it is. It was a flavorful dish, executed with care and precision. We loved the acidity and obvious freshness of the plate. While the tuna evoked Thailand, both dishes were perfect representations of the thought and care the restaurant puts into its dishes.



Moving onto the mains, we loved the idea of the Reel Deal, a build-your-own fish dish served with sustainably caught fish and four options for sauce. Here, we had monkfish with a miso butter sauce that paired perfectly with the delicate, flaky nature of the fish. We also loved the curry mussels, which also harkened us back to Thailand. The tang of the curry matched well with the briny and meaty mussels.


In the final analysis, Seamore’s is obviously doing something right; on the night my guest and I were there, it was a crowded room. You will love the many fish selections, the great cocktail program, the knowledgeable and friendly staff and the excellently prepared dishes. Book your table today!

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